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Deleted My Main Youtube Channel

You may have noticed that some of my vlog reviews I posted on previous blog messages no longer work. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  There is no way to retrieve those lost reviews sadly.

As stated on a previous blog post,my husband had passed away on Feb. 12th 2018, and I was taking a break from blogging. However someone decided to hit my vlog with rude comments on old reviews. Being in the state of mind that I'm in right now,I just deleted the entire account. Yes,this was probably foolish on my part,but I don't have the heart to vlog reviews anymore anyway.

I still have my Collectibles account through Youtube. However I am taking a break from vlogging on there as well for the time being.

Thank you for understanding and your patience.

Brenda from Faeriekitty's Finds.