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Magasin Blue Pet Carrier

I received this portable Blue Pet Carrier from Magasin to review.  It measures 18x11x10 inches and arrives flat and unzipped for easy storage.
 The bag is made really well and makes it easy to carry a small dog,puppy,cat or kitten to the vet's office or while traveling.

The attachable strap makes it easy to carry. I like how the strap is wide and comfortable on my shoulder. There is also another shorter handle sewn into the bag,allowing you to pick up the carrier that way as well.

The bag itself only weighs 2.2 lbs and is made of waterproof material,so it's easy to clean. There is also plenty of ventilation to keep your pet comfortable.

This bag is currently available in the Blue color you see in the photos as well as Orange. Current price as of this blog posting is 21.97 via Amazon. Prime shipping is available.

Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer:I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. No compensation was given to make this post. All opinions are my ow…

Taking a break

My husband of 17 years past away on February 12th 2018 as a result from a car accident. I'm staying strong for my girls but right now my mind is elsewhere. I am holding it together the best I can,but it's really hard. Not just for me,but my kids too.

I feel like my world is in limbo.

So for this reason,I am taking a break from reviewing both on here and my Youtube channel.

I thank all those that have subscribed to me through social media and appreciate all your support.

-Brenda of Faeriekitty's Finds.