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Realim Artistry Water Color Markers

Realim Artistry Water Color Markers come in a set of 24. I loved their convenient fold up storage case. It holds the markers in place well and keeps them all neat and organized for art projects.

The markers are dual tipped. One size is brush sized and the other side is fine tipped for detailed work. You can add a drop of water to them to create colorful designs and creations,as they are water based. 
I also made a vlog on my Youtube channel showing this marker set in a bit more detail.

There doesn't seem to be any description names of the colors on these markers. I was mistaken when I made my vlog. So what you see is what you get. They are non toxic and supposedly easy to wash out of clothes,should you accidentally get ink from the markers on your clothing. I haven't experienced this issue yet. So I can't tell you if this is the case.
I gifted this set of markers to my 16 year old daughter. While she loved the case,and thought the design of the markers were nice,she wasn&#…