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INNX Quilted Microfiber Suede Canine Sofa/Couch Cover Review

(product as shown on site's page)
The INNX Microfiber Suede Sofa/Couch Cover measures 74 inches H x 69 inches W. Made with families with kids and pets in mind,it's designed to protect the arms and body of the couch from tears,stains and life's messes.

(product as shown on my sofa from Ashley Furniture)
The cover is shipped via Amazon Prime and arrived quickly. The box you see on my couch, was packed in another shipping box. An instruction leaflet is included with the cover as well as an extra strap should you need extra reinforcing with your couch cover.

I love how soft the cover is. It's very comfortable and matches my couch really nicely. I like the neutral shade.

It's also machine washable,so it's very easy to clean. Instructions state to wash it on gentle cycle. It doesn't mention anything about drying it in the dryer. I would put it on a light setting to be on the safe side.

Overall I'm pleased with this product from INNX. If you would like to pur…

5 Pack of Beauty Applicators from Fairyland

Fairyland's Beauty Applicator Set contains two silicone makeup applicators and three sponge applicators. They all arrive via in a reusable zip lock pouch. Each makeup applicator is in it's own baggy for sterility. 

Here is a vlog I did showing the products in detail:

I love that this set is latex free.Like many other people,I have an allergy to latex. The applicators are easy to clean and the price is great for the amount of applicators you get in the package. 
If you would like to order your own set of Silicone & Sponge Applicators,please click on the link at the top of this post. 

Thanks for reading. :)

Disclaimer: This applicator set was provided to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review. No compensation was given to make this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Swagger Fragrance Shower Gel Review

Swagger Fragrance Shower Gel is a 2 in 1 product that can be used as a shampoo or body wash. Labelled for men, is has notes of Jasmine and French Rose. It also has hints of musk and cedar. 
A product of South Korea,the Swagger brand is trying to reach a US audience.  It was first sold in upscale department stores and is now branching out on 
Shipping was prompt. It is available via Amazon Prime.

 This is what the product looked like when I received it. Not sure why it's amber in color but my husband was pleased with the scent. The product claims are all natural ingredients. Perhaps color may vary.

I think this body wash would be nice for women as well. It has a light herbal scent. Not too masculine or too feminine. 
If you would like to order this product,please click on the link at the top of this post. For more information on other Swagger products,you can check out their main store link

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Disclaimer:Product provided at a discount in exchange for …

Luvami 18k White Gold Cubic Zirconia Princess Cut Stud Earrings

Luvami Princess Cut Earrings come in this attractive black gift box. I found them to be very comfortable to wear and they didn't irritate my ears in the slightest.

Designed for sensitive ears,they are notched for safety. They are very easy to clean. I just use a cotton ball and a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the back of the posts after wearing them.

These earrings are shipped through Amazon Prime. They arrived to my home quickly and in bubble wrap envelope via USPS from Kentucky.

I love how sparkly they are. So pretty!
If you would like to order a pair of these earrings,they are less than 20.00 and available at the time of this posting. Just click on the link in the beginning of this post to order.

Thanks for reading.
Disclaimer:Product provided at a discount in exchange for my review. I was not compensated to make this post. All opinions are my own.

Tcrying Night Scene of Autumn Forest in Thuringia Germany Foggy Pine Trees Wall Hanging Tapestry Review

(actual photo of product that I received in the mail)

This wall tapestry from Tcrying measures 40 inches wide and 60 inches long. Made of a durable satin material,it is sure to delight tree lovers everywhere.

As a person that's allergic to pine,this is as close to a pine forest that I'm ever going to get to without getting a sinus infection. :)  I thought this print would look nice in my daughter's room and can't wait to give it to her.

Directions state to wash with cold water on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. It can be put in the dryer on low heat to dry.

Shipping was fast as it is an item sold through Amazon Prime via DKISEE.

The only issue I have with this tapestry,is that the print is shown in length wise on their store page.

While this isn't a big deal to me,it might be an issue for some if you are looking to hang the tapestry length wise.

It also arrives folded in an envelope so it will contain folds in the material that you may also wish to steam out o…

Art Treasures Acrylic Paint Set of 24 Colors Review

Art Treasures 24 piece heavy duty acrylic paint sets contains all the shades you need to get started with your art projects. The paints are smooth,don't drip,and dry to a satin sheen finish. 
Each tube contains 12 mls of paint and the set comes with a free 30 ml tube of Titanium White.
A color chart is provided in the set for reference.

Shades are as follows:

#44 Titanium White
#21 Lemon Yellow
#23 Mid Yellow
#29 Yellow Ochre
#03 Scarlet
#06 Vermillion
#26 Orange Yellow
#01 Crimson
#62 Pale Green
#72 Phthalocyanne Green
#35 Sky Blue
#33 Cerulean Blue
#46 Flesh Tint
#78 Yellow Green
#66 Sap Green
#82 Burnt Sienna
#84 Burnt Umber
#51 Black
#95 Mauve Pale
#50 Payne's Grey
#83 Raw Sienna
#85 Raw Umber
#39 Phthalocyanne Blue
#91 Violet

You can purchase Art Treasures Acrylic paints via The kit retails for 9.99 at the time of this posting.  Prime shipping is available.

There is also a VIP club for sales,give aways and promos at .

Thanks for r…