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The Teabook Teables Review

The Teabook is a new company that is launching their line of Teables tea bags and tea book binders that hold all your teas in an attractive book Each binder stores up to 144 tea packets. At the moment they have Shakesmint Spearmint Tea and Agatha Chris Tea Earl Grey varieties. New teas will be introduced each month.

 On April 3rd they will go live as part of their Kickstarter launching promotion for these yummy teas in Los Angeles California .

Below is my vlog sampling these teas.

I'm not a big fan of Earl Grey tea normally,but I was really pleasantly surprised by the flavor of Teabook's  Earl Grey Agatha Chris Tea Tea. I of course loved Shakesmint. The spearmint flavor is very mild and soothing. Both teas are great and I will make sure I pass on my additional samples to family and friends.

If you would like to register on their website to find out when these teas will become available.please visit for more info.

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Sound Intone Kid's Head Phones Review

These Sound Intone Kid's Headphones come in a variety of colors and have nice quality sound. I was very impressed on how comfortable they were to wear. Check out my video above on Youtube to see me demo them.

Despite being labeled as a kid's product,they are really nice. They fit into any standard head phone jack so I can use these with my PC and listening to music on my cell phones.

If you would like to purchase these nice quality headphones from Sound Intone,please visit their store on 

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Somasix Alphabet Magnet Letters Review

I received this set of Somasix Alphabet magnets at a discount. They normally retail for 19.95 and contain a total of 62 magnets for kids to play with. The set includes an uppercase set of letters,a lower case set of letters and 10 number magnets.

I found some of these to be hit or miss. A few of the magnets were a little weak and tended to slide a little bit when placing them on the white board or fridge. However for such a large set it's not a bad deal.

Please visit. for more info. on this alphabet magnet site for kids.

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Fit Pet Dog Ear Wash Review

Fit Pet Ear Wash is made in the USA and claims it's an organic 100 % safe and effective way to clean your pet's ears. Your dog's ears will be clean and fresh smelling and the product is designed to soothe raw,itchy and irritated ears as well.
Directions on how to apply the product are simple. Just squirt onto a cotton ball and cleanse your dog's ears as needed. It's alcohol free so it won't dry out their delicate skin. Nor is it supposed to sting or be harmful in anyway.
I would love to tell you that this product worked for my dog's but Fit Pet never send me the product as they stated that they would via the promotion they had through Tomoson.  
Fit Pet Ear Wash Retails for 19.95 for a 8 fl oz bottle and is sold through their shop on

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Review on the Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt

This product from Thermalabs is  a nice double sided mitt for mild to heavy exfoliating. I like to use this on my legs about once a week to remove dry dead skin.  The bonus finger exfoliator is great for delicate areas on the face as well.

Please visit on ordering information and to get a limited time 10% discounts.

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Garnier Clearly Bright Moisturizer Review

I received this nice SPF 15 Garnier Moisturizer as a free gift from Garnier and Glamour. I had actually tried this before from another company and thought it worked really well with my skin type. I have combination skin dry/oily. It didn't cause any break outs and it works great as a primer. I don't need to use anything else under my makeup as it contains an SPF 15 which is nice.

Please visit for more info on this product.

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Colore' Blackboard Wall Decal Review

These decals are great for DIY projects and making your own wall chalkboards. I find them very handy when you are consolidating space in the home.

For just 12.95 you can purchase these from Colore' at

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Garnier Olia Results Part 2 (Crowdtap)

Well this experience taught me always use two boxes of hair color when using Garnier Olia. Hair Color. As it will not dye my hair properly with just one box. Even though you can see my hair isn't super long in this video.

It was a learning experience and my kids had fun dying my hair. So,it wasn't all bad.  :)

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Amope Wet Dry Foot File System Review (Crowdtap)

I absolutely loved the results of the new Amope Wet and Dry Foot File. It is a little pricey at about 60.00 and the replacement heads come in a set of 2 for about 30.00.  However if you have the extra money to splurge on this item it's well worth it. No batteries to buy as it is rechargable and 3 hr downtime.

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