Starting A HFC Business At Home by Ian Leaf

HFC aka High Fashion Clothing at Home by Ian Leaf, is a 50 page bookle that gives some good tips and things to consider when starting an at home business. I found these tips to be useful not only for the HFC market ,but also those that are into DIY ,making jewelry and art pieces as well. 

Some key points this booklet goes over:

1)Funding your business 
2)Current trends to focus on
3)City Regulations
5)Avoiding Scams 

I thought this was a good intro. book for beginners and had a lot of good tips on getting started. As someone who is branching out into possibly having a home business,this book has given me a lot to think about. 

About The Author:

Ian Leaf is an HFC Designer as well as an entrepreneur who has founded several start up companies. 
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Thanks for reading.

FTC:I received a copy of this book free to review. Opinions posted are entirely my own.


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