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Chomps Snack Sticks Snacks Review & Holiday Giveaway

I received a complimentary box of Chomps Snacks Sticks to review. This was the first time I had tried them and was very impressed by the freshness and the way they tasted. I received three flavors:
Pictured are Original,Hoppin' Jalapeno and Crankin' Cran. I like that these snacks are made with 100% Grass Fed Beef. They have natural preservatives like celery juice and citric acid which I thought was really neat. My favorite out of the three flavors is the Original. My husband likes the spicier Jalapeno and Crankin' Cran varieties. As a special promotion for my readers and subscribers,you are welcome to enter their holiday give away for free goodies compliments of and
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I received this adorable custom silver key chain compliments of
For my key chain,I chose a photo of my cat Zoe. They ask that you send them a few clear photos and let you choose the best one that you like. Owner Brenda Scott is very thorough to make sure you get exactly what you want.

It took about two weeks for my order to arrive from Canada to my home in the US by USPS. It came packaged in a bubble wrapped envelope. I like the decorative card the key chain is attached to. Very cute! The heart and key chain have a nice weight to them without being too heavy which I like.

This company takes custom orders or pre made orders of all types of animals. They also do memorial pieces as well.You can get key chains like mine in silver plating or in gold plating.  The heart pendant on their key chains measures 25 mm(1 inch)  They also do 45 mm(18 inch) chains as well.

Prices range from 25.00 and up Canadian. They accept Visa,Mastercard,American Express,Discover Card an…

Better Off Dead Fae-Ever Dead, Book 1 by Claire Grimes


Zoey Mayfair's fiance Owen breaks off their relationship of five years. In a drunken haze, Zoey decides to plot revenge by faking her own suicide, so that the man she loves will come back to her. Instead,she wakes up to find herself in drawer at the morgue and is helped to get out by Jason Teague. She then learns that because of her actions,she is now a Reaper. Her job is to help others die and cross over. She also learns that witches,vampires and faeries do exist.  As she meets Jason's friends Remy and Trying to feel as normal as possible,she finds a job where she meets a human Maurice who becomes attracted to her.  Will she ever get used to her new life and be able to feel normal again?

My thoughts:

While the plot of this book was good,it does have a lot of unanswered questions as it is a short read. I would have liked to have read more about Jason and Remy and got to know their characters more. As far as the romance between Zoey & Maurice,it was way too brief.…

Oak Leaf Seasonal Décor Rope Lights Copper Wire Lights Review

Oak Leaf's LED Strand lights come in a set of 2 9.8 feet(3 meters) each strand has 30 lights on them. One of the nice things about these lights is that they are powered by  CR2032 Batteries which are included.

I like to put them in jars to make luminaries. It's really super simple and an easy way to add some decor to a room in your home. You just take a jar and design it anyway you like with chalk markers and then drop in the LED Lights.

These lights will work for over 48 hours non stop without shutting them off or even longer if you turn them off. I think these lights are really pretty and provide a nice warm glow to any table setting or fire place mantle. 

For more information on Oak Leaf's LED Copper Lights,please visit for more information, you can also purchase them through Kohree and to join their VIP program please visit for more details. 
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FTC:Product provided for free in exchan…

Live Infinitely‬ Forever Flex Exercise Ball Review

The Forever Flex Exercise Ball from Live Infinitely, comes in many sizes from 55 cm up to 85cm. Made from sturdy PVC material,it can withstand 2,200 lbs making it one of the strongest exercise balls on the market. I have used other balls,and the material was cheap and thin in comparison to this ball.
The ball comes with a hand pump and packaged in the box you see next to it. Pumping it up by hand is a workout in itself. My whole family took turns blowing it up with the hand pump and within 20 minutes it was filled with air. It was actually fun to get the whole family involved.

My kids enjoy exercising with it as much as I do.

Shan demonstration how big the 75cm ball is. 

Height guide for ball sizes:

Shorter than 5' 6": 55cm
From 5' 6" - 5' 11": 65cm
From 6' 0" - 6' 4": 75cm
Taller than 6' 4": 85cm

I chose the 75cm size when I ordered in case my husband wanted to use the ball. I'm plus sized also and have no problems using this size…

Starting A HFC Business At Home by Ian Leaf

HFC aka High Fashion Clothing at Home by Ian Leaf, is a 50 page bookle that gives some good tips and things to consider when starting an at home business. I found these tips to be useful not only for the HFC market ,but also those that are into DIY ,making jewelry and art pieces as well. 
Some key points this booklet goes over:
1)Funding your business  2)Current trends to focus on 3)City Regulations 4)Taxes 5)Avoiding Scams 
I thought this was a good intro. book for beginners and had a lot of good tips on getting started. As someone who is branching out into possibly having a home business,this book has given me a lot to think about. 
About The Author:
Ian Leaf is an HFC Designer as well as an entrepreneur who has founded several start up companies.  For more information on Starting A HFC Business at Home by Ian Leaf,please click on the following links for more info:…

Free Starbucks K-Cups Hot Cocoa samples

Starbucks is offering free Hot Cocoa K-Cup samples for those that own a Keurig. This is a nice one. Samples arrive within 6-8 weeks. Form seemed a little slow but worked for me.

Some changes

As most of my friends and followers on Facebook have heard,I no longer review for Amazon. I will still do blog reviews for products and things I find online. I may also get back to posting about freebies online as well.

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