Basstyle TB-1079 2015 Newest Sports Bluetooth Earbud Review

I received this Bluetooth Earbuds Headset from Basstyle for free to review.

This headset is their TB-1079 model and comes with everything you see in the photo. (Headphones,case,extra earbud covers,and a USB cable.) It also comes with an instruction sheet explaining how to pair the headset with other Bluetooth devices.

I found that it charged fairly quickly via USB device. You can charge it from your PC or if you have a USB charging brick, that will work as well. Charging time for me was about an hour max. It has red and blue indicator lights on it so that it lights up red to let you know it's charging and blue when it's finished.

I found this headset to be a little tricky to pair with my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. To pair it with you phone,you need to hold down the middle button that you see in the photo. There are voice prompts that say power on,pairing and power off. Hold that button down until you hear it say pairing and see a blue/red light flashing while scanning for bluetooth devices on your phone at the same time. Otherwise it won't work. The instructions tell you to hold it down for 5 seconds but all that does is power it on. So the trick with this model is to keep holding that button and scan for the device on your cell phone. You should see Basstyle listed on your phone and then you are all set!

I found the sound quality very nice. There was no distortion and both the left and right side were nice and clear. I had no problems with the volume like others had stated. 

For 19.99,this set of Bluetooth Earbuds Kit from Basstyle isn't too shabby. It works well and is nice quality. 

Thanks for reading.

*Product provided for free in exchange for my honest review.


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