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Freddie & Sebbie Bento Box Review

A quick vlog showing these Bento Boxes from

FTC:I received this product free to review and opinions expressed are my own.

Frugal Hair Color At Home Using Revlon Colorsilk

FTC:All opinions expressed in this video were my own and I did not receive any compensation or free product making this video.

Cocozia Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil Review

I received a set of two 16.9 oz jars of Cocozia's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil to review.(total oz 33.8)

These jars were shipped via Fedex and packaged really well. There was a lot of bubble wrap around both jars to protect them from breakage during transit. The lids are also safety protected with tape.

Serving size is 1 table spoon and each jar has about 34 servings. Like other Coconut oils used for cooking and baking,it has 130 calories. 

Each jar has a manufacturing date on the bottom and best by date to insure quality and freshness. 
I like the 16.9 oz jars as they are easier to store in my pantry,compared to other coconut oils I've tried that come in huge tubs. Unlike fractionated Coconut Oil, this can be eaten as well as health and beauty benefits. I have seen some vloggers use this to condition their hair before dying it on Youtube.
I found the flavor of this coconut oil to be really nice. I like to use this in place of vegetable oil when frying,sauteing and baking.…

Basstyle TB-1079 2015 Newest Sports Bluetooth Earbud Review

I received this Bluetooth Earbuds Headset from Basstyle for free to review.

This headset is their TB-1079 model and comes with everything you see in the photo. (Headphones,case,extra earbud covers,and a USB cable.) It also comes with an instruction sheet explaining how to pair the headset with other Bluetooth devices.

I found that it charged fairly quickly via USB device. You can charge it from your PC or if you have a USB charging brick, that will work as well. Charging time for me was about an hour max. It has red and blue indicator lights on it so that it lights up red to let you know it's charging and blue when it's finished.
I found this headset to be a little tricky to pair with my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. To pair it with you phone,you need to hold down the middle button that you see in the photo. There are voice prompts that say power on,pairing and power off. Hold that button down until you hear it say pairing and see a blue/red light flashing while scanning for bluet…

AGPTek LED White Color Flickering Flashing Floating Ball Review

I received a set of 2 LED APGTek Garden Mood Lights. Each ball is 8cm in size or about the size of a base ball. They have sensors on the bottom of them and are weighted inside so that when they are placed in water they will flash off an on.

I created a little video on Youtube to show how they work and what they look like:

Over all I had fun testing out this product and thought that they were really fun to play with. I will be using these for Halloween inside of a plastic Jack O Lantern for my annual Halloween Party. I think that the kids will love them. As I stated in the video,I did wish lit up in other colors but they are still bright decorative.

If you would like to find more information on this product from AGPTek,it is sold through FOOBER US on Free shipping is available on this item even if you don't have Amazon Prime. You can purchase these in different sets. So if you have a large pool or pond,you could get these in a set of 12 if you wanted.

Thanks for readin…

We Love Disney Album Review

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I was so excited to learn that Disney had a new album coming out on October 30th. Produced by Verve music group, this album has 12 catchy songs,with 2 bonus tracks.There are so many talented musicians and performers each doing their rendition of  classic Disney movie songs.

My kids and I had a a lot of fun listening to this album. We could pick out Gwen Stefani's voice right away  on Rainbow Connection and loved Fall Out Boy's rendition of "I Wanna Be Like You" from The Jungle Book.

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Track listing:

1.NE-YO “Friend Like Me” (Aladdin)
2.Jessie J “Part of Your World “(The Little Mermaid)
3.Jason Derulo “Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Nants’ Ingonyama” (The Lion King)
4.Gwen Stefani “The Rainbow Connection” (The Muppet Movie)
5.Ariana Grande “Zero To Hero” (Hercules)
6.Jhen√© Aiko “In a World of My Own/Very Good Advice” (Alice in Wonderland)
7.Fall Out Boy “I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” (Th…

Santa Medical LFM-110 Tens Unit Review & Giveaway (Contest Closed)

Santamedical Electronic Tens Pulse Massager Features/Claims:

Using microcomputer controls,you can easily adjust  this massager with six automatic programs and three diverse styles of modes. The device has a dual channel system; hence it can easily work two areas at one time. Recomended by Doctors, this is best handheld tens massager in the market. Buy with Confidence, Santamedical unit is FDA approved. Quality - Santamedical unit is designed with quality and durability in mind.

My thoughts:

I found this massager extremely easy to use. It takes 4 AAA batteries that are included and easy to install. Best of all,the pads on this unit are replaceable. So,should the stickiness of the pads wear out,you can find more pads for it online

This Electronic Tens Pulse Massager retails for 29.95 with free shipping to Amazon Prime Customers. However as a special thank you to my readers, Sansmedical will provide you with your own Electronic Tens Pulse Massager for free. All they ask is that the winner …

75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose Review

I received this 75 feet expandable garden hose from Ohuhu for free to review.

The hose comes with everything you see in the photo for easy hook up. A bonus nozzle is included.

The hose is 25 feet in the box and expands with water to 75 feet. This makes it easy to water plants or wash your car.

I've had this hose for about a week. There are no leaks from the hose connections or nozzle. I found it very easy to connect to my hose hook up with no problems. The nozzle works well as does the nozzle attachment.

This hose is made from latex,so if you have a latex allergy,I would suggest wearing garden gloves while using this product.

You can get this hose through by clicking on the link in the beginning of this post. Prime shipping is included for Prime members. It is also available in 150 ft length in black.

Thanks for reading!

*Product provided for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All comments in this post are 100% my own.



Apple & Eve Custom Vox Box Review (

I received a Custom Vox Box of Apple & Eve products compliments of

My box included an  Apple & Eve Organics Tart Cherry Drink and three Apple & Eve Quenchers Juice box in the flavors Berrylicious Lemonade,Fruit Punch Burst and Razberry Apple Splash.

My middle daughter thought that the juice boxes tasted pretty good but there was a bit of an after taste with the lemonade one and the fruit punch. She tried them after she came home from school. 

My youngest daughter didn't try any of the flavors as she was getting over an illness when I received my Vox Box.  If I see the lemonade ones in store,I will get those as she loves pink lemonade.

My husband,middle daughter and I all tried the Organics Tart Cherry and that is the right name for it. It's very tart. Some of my friends who received it said they had to dilute it with water. Despite the claim that there is no sugar added,there are 33 grams of sugar per 8 oz glass. 
Some of my friends received the Or…

Andrea Bocelli New Album Cinema Review

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Many year ago when my husband and I started dating,he introduced me to the wonderful world of classical music. One of his favorite performers is Andrea Bocelli. After listening to his music,he became a favorite of mine as well.

With such a beautiful tenor voice,it's easy to see why his records have sold over 80 million copies world wide. I know I was captivated by his duet with Sarah Brightman years ago when they performed Time To Say Goodbye.

Andrea's newest album Cinema,features many songs from popular films. I was so happy to get to listen to this album and review it. With so many beautiful songs on this album,it's hard to choose one favorite. I think the most surprising was his duet with Ariana Grande. Their voices together are wonderful in their duet of E Piu' Ti Penso.

Recently,Andrea Bocelli was at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood California on September 18th to perform songs from his new album Cinema. He also performed for Pop…

Smart Weigh Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale

I received a free shipping and postal digital scale from Smart Weigh in exchange for my honest opinion.

This scale uses a 9 Volt Battery that's included as well as a USB charger,so you don't have to worry about losing power if you need to weigh a lot of packages.  It comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. The read out is a nice size. It doesn't light up,but it was still very easy for me to read.
It has a large extra wide metal platform making it very easy to weigh boxes and items for shipping. It weighs in pounds and in kilos. 
The scale itself is only a little over 4 lbs,yet it's supposedly sturdy enough to weigh up to 400 lbs. 
I like using this scale to weigh packages I send to my oldest daughter who lives out of state. This is great for all of my holiday shopping.
I'm also thinking of having a home business where I make dolls. So this will come in handy for that as well.
If you would like to purchase any of Smart Weigh's products,you can visit th…

Ohuhu Magic Mop and Broom Holder Review

I received a Magic Mop and Broom Holder from Ohuhu for free to review.

So snazzy!

As you can see from the photo,this is designed to hold up to 5 brooms or mops. It also includes 6 hooks to hang mini brushes,and other cleaning supplies
It works by each roller ball adjusting to the thickness of the handle of the broom or mop making them stay securely in place.
Measurements of the holder are 16.15"x3.35"x2.76" and it's 1.2 lbs. Made from ABS,each roller ball holds up to 7 lbs. 
It came with all the hardware required to mount it on the wall,so it was easy to hang and use.
Now my kids have no excuse not to help their poor old Mom to clean around the house. :) 
This product is currently on sale for 11.99 on through Ohuhu Direct. Prime shipping is available for Prime customers. 

Thanks for reading!

4LoveDogs Pet Food Bowls from Zitriom

I received this 2 bowl set of pet food bowls from Zitriom free to review.

Each bowl holds about 2 cups of dog food or 2 cups of water. They are a nice stainless steel design with rubberized bottoms. The rubberized bottom works as far as preventing the dogs from sliding the food and water around when they eat or drink out of the bowls. (I also have tile floors in my kitchen so I just want to make a note of that as I've read some people claimed they didn't work on their floors as far as the non skid issue.)
 I washed these through the dishwasher  when I received them,as they did have a rubber odor to them. The odor has since dissipated so no worries.
I like the sizes of these bowls, as they are good for my cats and dogs as water bowls. I'm constantly filling up bowls in my house and they are very easy to clean out of all the bowls I have for them.
If you would like to purchase this set of 2 bowls for your pets,they are currently on sale for 11.99 on Amazon though Zitriom…

100 Count Ph Test Strips from O Health

I received a 100 count box of Ph Test Strips compliments of O Health.

With these test strips,you can test Ph balance levels for the following:

Hot Tubs
and Pets

The strips are very easy to use and the instructions on how to read them are printed on the back of the box.

As someone that suffers from UTI's and Kidney stones,it's important to me to monitor my levels at home. If my Ph is too high,I can then go to the Dr. and then talk about a course of treatment.

These strips measure Ph levels from 4.5 to 9.0. I found them to be very accurate and helpful.

(normal readings can range from 6.8 and 7.4)

This box of Ph test strips retails for 9.99 and can be purchased from O Health on Prime shipping is available to Prime members.

Thank for reading and stay healthy. :)

*all opinions in this post are entirely my own and I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion