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Period Starter Kit Review

I received a complimentary Period Starter Kit from to review.

The starter kit includes one panty liner,2 regular tampons,one feminine wipe and one disposable bag. Everything arrives in the pretty cosmetics case as shown.

The kit arrived in a manila envelope and was wrapped in pretty tissue paper.  It also has pamphlets about their website and tips for young girls just starting their menstrual cycles.

I received my kit through Readers can use this code  at checkout "PRDKITBE" ($2.76 OFF)

 However, if you buy it straight through their website,they offer a period kit donation program to young girls in need that can't afford to buy feminine supplies on their own at :

5% of your purchase will be donated to helping a girl in need. You can also opt to buy one/give one,or make a cash donation. If interested in helping out,please click on the link for more details.

Overall,I liked this kit as it does contain …

Stainless Steel Espresso Spoon Set 8-Pack Review

I received a beautiful 8 pack set of Espresso Spoons compliments of Cornucopia Brands.

These spoons are extremely well made and handcrafted. They have a nice weight to them and are the perfect sized spoon to go with small espresso shots and cups. 

This is how they look with larger espresso mugs.  
Each spoon is stamped from a full sheet of stainless steel. They are truly restaurant quality and I absolutely love them. I'm very happy to have received these for free to review. 

At 10.99,I think this is a great bargain. If you would like to read more about this set of spoons,or to make a purchase,please click on the link at the top of this post. Prime shipping is available for Amazon Prime Members.
Thanks for reading!

5 Foot Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope Light Review

I received one 5 foot Blue LED rope light from American Lighting for free to review.

The rope light features a pre installed 5 foot plug in power cord. It's made of high quality commercial grade materials. The tubing surrounding the LED lights is made with heavy duty PVC.
The company provides 3 mounting rails and 6 screws with each order of lights, so that you can mount the light strand easily underneath and entertainment center if you wish. 
I thought that this light strand was very bright and attractive looking. The mounting rails are very simple to use. I'm using this lighting for my curio cabinet to show off my collectibles.
The only issue I had with this strand of lights,is there is no on/off switch. So I have to reach around to plug and unplug it as I don't want to leave this on all the time.
If you would like to learn more about this rope light or to make a purchase,you can find in on Amazon and it's sold by Ossm Supplies for 24.95. Prime shipping is available …

Glamulet's Pink October Pink Charms For Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Who is Glamulet?
Glamulet is an online store that sells unique fashionable jewelry.They carry many different styles to express individuality or commemorate a special event for yourself,a friend or loved one. 
With Glamulet's unique pieces,you can mix and match to create your own jewelry looks. 
Set in Sterling Silver,14 k and 18 k gold, they offer the following types of jewelry:
Gemstones such as diamonds,quartz and topaz Organic Gems such as cultured pearls and amber Man Made Stones including cubic zirconia and crystal Other materials used include Murano glass,wood,leather and textile.

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,Glamulet  is sponsoring a Pink October campaign on their website.  During the month of October,they will be donating 50% of every sale to a charity fund for breast cancer.  They believe that if everyone acts now,by the year 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live. As of right now,breast cancer is the 2nd deadliest cause of death for women all o…

Womens Halloween Fancy Costume Dresses Review

I received a V28 Women's Halloween Costume from daisysboutique free to review.

V28 Womens Halloween Costume Line features many different adult costumes that ladies can wear for cosplay,role play,etc.. I had never heard of this costume line before so I decided to check them out and see what they had to offer.

Most of their costumes run on the small side,even though they are listed as One Size. These are more like Asian sizing if you are familiar from buying clothing from the Asian market.

Being a plus sized woman,I chose the Snow White Costume. It was in a size XL.  The costume arrived quickly via It included the dress,red hair ribbon with bow and matching g-string panties. (stockings not included)

While I was able to get the costume on,it was difficult for me to remove as it is snug.  I even let my daughter try on the costume who is much smaller than me and she had trouble getting it off. She wears a M/L normally.
If you are looking for a cute costume for 1 time use o…

US Art Supply 45 County Variety Pack Review

I received this 45 piece set from US Art Supply free to review.

This kit contains: 6 Graphite pencils from 6B to 4H 12 crayons with pigmented wax for bright bold colors     12 colored pencils that are wax based ideal for blending 12 watercolors and paint brush      2 sharpeners

For those that follow my blog,you know my kids love Art and that they are excellent drawers. My 14 year old loved the colored pencils in this kit. She said that they write smoothly and are easy to use. 
The kit comes with the pencils pre-sharpened just like you see in the photo so everything is ready to use right out of the package. 
My daughter drew this zombie girl for me since Halloween is coming up with the colored pencils from this kit. She also used one of the graphite pencils to sketch her out first. I call it Zombie Girl takes a selfie. :)

Colors that were used were brown, dark green and pink.
If you would like to purchase this kit or for more info.,please click on the link at the top of this post. It&…

Sacko Big Easy Brands Big Size Insulated Cooler Bag

I received a generously sized Sacko Cooler/Lunch Bag from Big Easy Brands free to review.

 I like the red,black and white design. I though the colors were really nice and perfect for a man's lunch bag as it's big and roomy. The measurements are 13x13x8. It also comes in black,blue and green. I liked the thick adjustable strap on the bag. This made it very comfortable to carry.

 I thought this open up velcro compartment was a nice feature. As it lets you open up the bag to take out a drink or small snack without having to unzip the whole thing. The velcro keeps the compartment sealed very well so nothing will fall out.

The only thing I didn't care for was the white lining. I think it could have been in a darker color to prevent stains from showing as white is harder to clean and this is hand washable only.

It also features 2 zippers,2 mesh pockets and one main red pocket in the front.

Overall,I thought it was a nice bag for it's size and features and gave it 4 stars.


Impress Manicure Review

I received 2 boxes of Impress Manicure Artificial Nails for free to review.

The one box is in the number 58065 and the other is number 62302

Here they are side by side.
 number 58065 has embellishment charms and are in a pretty pastel pink.
 While this one has embellishment nails in gold colors
Each one comes with a prep pad to clean your real nails as well as a mini nail file to help shape your nails once you get them on.

One thing you will notice about these nails, is there is no tube of glue needed. That's because the glue is already on the back of the nails. You just choose the size you need,peel off the plastic backing and then apply it over your natural nail.

Since I have natural nails,I just used the embellishment nails on my pinky fingers to test them out.

As I'm typing, I find that these nails are very secure,they don't move and they look really pretty.  To remove them they come off pretty easily by peeling them off from the sides.. If you find that the don't…

Nutro Rotations Dog Food (Crowdtap Mission)

I received 3 samples of Nutro Rotations for my dogs to review.

This is how they came in the box.

This one is Lamb & Potato

Salmon & Barley

Chicken & Brown Rice
Ironically enough,out of all 3 varieties,the Salmon and Barley was the least fishy as far as the scent of the dog food. The Chicken and Brown Rice had the smallest pieces out of the three,so it's good for smaller breeds of dogs.

Here are some photos of my dogs enjoying their samples:

Oreo tried out a variety of all three flavors.

Liza liked the Lamb & Potato the most.

Petey enjoying Chicken & Brown Rice.

I like that these products from Nutro Rotations are made in the USA and contain wholesome ingredients. They all contain real whole grains and meat. Plus they are easier on their digestion. There is no corn bi product like in some dog foods.
If you would like to see the video unboxing please click here where you will be directed to my Youtube Channel.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Happy Fr…