Premium Reale Pink Makeup Sponge by JGOB.

I received this Makeup Sponge from JGOB to review.  They come in many colors. The one I received was in the Reale Pink Shade.

The sponge comes just as you see it here in this nice storage container that's very sturdy. (Please excuse my bandaged finger. I sliced it on a cheese grater last night while making dinner. Ouch!)

This sponge is so soft and such a pleasure to use. If you have never used a makeup applicator sponge,you simply wet them with water and gently squeeze out the excess. The you apply your foundation and/or concealer with it. It blends really nicely and is super soft to the touch.

The reason for the tear drop shape,is the round part is designed to blend your cheeks,chin and forehead,while the pointed tip helps blend the under eye area. 

I received mine for free,but at 11.97 this sponge with travel container is a bargain. It's designed in the USA as well which is also nice. At the moment their pink sponge and black sponge only seem to be available.

If you would like to read more about this beauty sponge from JGOB or to make a purchase please see their listing here on Prime shippers get free shipping.

Thanks for reading!


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