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Measurable Difference Eyeshadows Giveaway

I found out about these eye shadows called Measurable Difference from Brandbacker. Feel free to enter this contest and good luck!

Artacts Synthetic Face Painting Brushes Review

I received this nice set of ARTacts synthetic paint brushes to review that are sold by flowerpetal on Amazon. 

I love the detailing brushes in this kit for applying eye liner and lip liner. They are really nice. 

I found the bristles on these brushes to be very sturdy with no fall out,yet soft on the skin when applying cosmetics. 

Some of the brushes are a little stiff at first. Instructions on the packaging state to soak them in cold water first and then pat dry with a paper towel. To wash them out after applying cosmetics,you can use a mild shampoo or soap and water. 

Another tip as with any cosmetic brushes,is to store them up right so that the bristles air dry without touching anything that could contaminate the bristles.  You could decorate a mason jar with some ribbon and throw in a few pretty marbles and your brushes will stay put. 

These brushes are a bargain at 12.00 and prime shipping is available. For more information,please check out the link at the top of this post.

Thanks …

Luxe Beauty Essentials Large Microfiber Hair Towel Review

I received this lovely large Luxe Beauty Essentials Hair Towel to review. 
This towel is an extra large size 23 x 40 inches. This makes it suitable for even thick hair. It's made from double sided brushed terry material which makes it feel incredibly soft and gentle. It's really super absorbent. 

This was after I got out of the shower. Excuse my sloppy turban. :)
I really loved that my hair was less frizzy after using it. I didn't have to use as much styling product and it really did cut down on my drying time. I hate using styling tools in the summer as heat really does a number on my curls. I'm glad this towel worked for me.

This towel is sold by Luxe Beauty Essentials via Amazon and Prime Shipping is available. 

Thanks for reading.

I received this product free to review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions in this post are solely my own.

The Detangler - Detangling Brush Review

I received The Detangler Detangling Brush to review.

The brush comes in this nice little box. There are instructions printed on the side of the box on how to use it which is good for people who aren't familiar with this style of brush.

I like the cute egg shape and colorful pattern on it. It felt comfortable in my hand while using it. I was able to use it on my wet hair after my shower as well as when it dried. It detangled fairly easily with no problems.

The brush has micro bristles making it easy to clean. There isn't any of those little balls at the end of the head of the bristles like on some brushes you buy in the store.  The bristles felt like a nice and massaging on my scalp.

You can find this brush on sold by PURGGO for 10.99. Prime shipping is available on this item also. Other designs are also available.

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Mind Dimensions Bundle by Dima Zales

Book Bundle Description:

Mind Dimensions is a collection of Urban Fantasy Stories written by Author Dima Zales and Edited by Anna Zaeries. 

The Thought Readers (Mind Dimensions Book 1)

Darren had it easy his whole life. Finishing Harvard at Eighteen,a lucrative job on Wall Street at Twenty One,and can make things possible by stepping out of time. Thanks to this unique ability,he's a know it all. What he doesn't know is how he is able to do what he does. That is,until he meets Mira and her brother Eugene and discovers their dangerous,hidden world of Mind Readers like himself and Mind Pushers.

The Time Stopper (A Mind Dimensions Story Prequel Book 0)

Mira can stop time,but she can't change it. After her parents are murdered,she will do anything to get revenge. Even if she has to take on the Russian Mob to do it.

*This one was my favorite out of the series although short. I was hoping to read more about Mira in this book. It's very good though and love the way it's writte…

Beverly Diamonds Sterling Silver CZ Diamond Solitaire Ring Review

I received this beautiful sterling silver ring in size 7 from Beverly Diamonds to review.

I ordered this ring online and they shipped it promptly in a very pretty box. I love the design of the band and how it fits. It's so dainty and pretty. I love how it sparkles in the sunlight.

About the company:
Beverly Diamonds was established in 2002 to offer a wide selection of fine Jewelry online as well as competitive pricing while providing a safe and personalized experience to each customer. By journeying through their website,you are able to see all the beautiful pieces they have to offer and irresistible prices.
Beverly Diamonds has a group of dedicated individuals,jewelry designers,sales associates and gemologists to provide exceptional jewelry to their customers.

Appointments can also be made to go to their showroom in Los Angeles California by calling 1-855-456-8334 , 1-213-375-8994 or emailing them at
Beverly Diamonds 550 Hill St. Los Angeles California 9…

Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing Gel Review

I received two 1.5 oz tubes of Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing Gel for free to review.

What is it? 
Silverquine Gel  is a water based hydrogel for moist wound care management. It contains ,01 nano silver and is safe to use on cats,dogs,horses and other small animals. It is used for treating minor cuts,lacerations,abrasions,1st and 2nd degree burns and skin irritation.
The tubes come safety sealed and it's recommended that you use a swab or applicator to apply it from the tube so that way the contents of the tube stay sanitary. 

As an animal lover and pet owner,I wanted to try this product to see how effective it is. I found that the product was odorless and it didn't cause any pain or discomfort when applying it to my dog's skin irritation caused by mosquito bites. This Summer has been especially bad with those nasty critters and I'm so glad to have found this product online. It helped with their skin irritation and itching due to mosquito bites. 
Update 5-21-2016 

#SnuggleSummer Snuggle Bear Mission

As a member of the Snuggle Bear Den Community,I received an adorable plush Snuggle Bear for free as part of their #SnuggleSummer mission.

Since 1983, this adorable little guy has been the mascot of Snuggle Brand Fabric Softener. His looks have changed over the years. However he is still and will always be snuggly soft. 

 This is a comparison of another one I received for free about a year ago. Snuggle Buddies. :)
My mission was to take my Snuggle Bear on my Summer Vacation. Sadly,my little guy didn't arrive in time. So he has been hanging out with his twin.

If you would like to learn more about Snuggle products or to find out where they are available in your area,please click on the links in this post for more info.
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AmazaPens 24 Gel Coloring Pens Review

I received this nice set of AmazaPens to review.

I love how smoothly they write. The gel ink glides onto the paper. It did smudge a little bit so you have to make sure it's fully dry before handling the paper. 

Here are some drawings that my daughter made using these pretty pens.

Peach Pen shows up neon

Vibrant Blue

Black shows up very glittery and pretty.

This package contains 24 pens that include:12 glitter,6 neon and 6 pastel. They are non toxic and acid free with nice rubberized grips for comfortable writing and drawing.

My kids and I loved this set of gel pens and if you purchase them,we hope you have as much fun as we had using these.

Thanks for reading!

(drawing credit Shannon McCracken)

Sunsella Set of 4 Bento Boxes

I received this set of 4 Bento Lunch Containers from Sunsella to review. Each container has space for a sandwich and 2 snacks.

This was my husband's lunch this morning. A sandwich,some chocolate covered blueberries and Nilla Wafers.  I packed him a water bottle and banana also.  Hey,I tried to pack him healthy goodies. I was in a rush this morning.

The lids go on fairly secure,provided you don't over fill the containers. I like the lids. They have such bright colors.  Very fun and festive 
If you would like to learn more about these Bento Boxes from Sunsella or to make a purchase,please see their listing on Prime shipping is available. 

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Premium Reale Pink Makeup Sponge by JGOB.

I received this Makeup Sponge from JGOB to review.  They come in many colors. The one I received was in the Reale Pink Shade.

The sponge comes just as you see it here in this nice storage container that's very sturdy. (Please excuse my bandaged finger. I sliced it on a cheese grater last night while making dinner. Ouch!)

This sponge is so soft and such a pleasure to use. If you have never used a makeup applicator sponge,you simply wet them with water and gently squeeze out the excess. The you apply your foundation and/or concealer with it. It blends really nicely and is super soft to the touch.
The reason for the tear drop shape,is the round part is designed to blend your cheeks,chin and forehead,while the pointed tip helps blend the under eye area. 
I received mine for free,but at 11.97 this sponge with travel container is a bargain. It's designed in the USA as well which is also nice. At the moment their pink sponge and black sponge only seem to be available.
If you would l…

Ebook - The Revenge of Adam Defoe Review

Book Description :

Dr. Yoav Walberg is an heir to a huge fortune,engaged to a beautiful woman,and is soon to be appointed to a senior position at a prestigious hospital. Unfortunately for him,his friends become jealous of his success and form a plot of devilish sophistication against him. 

As more bad fortune seems to fall on him and eventually he arrives in Tibet where he gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to start his life over again from scratch as a new person;Adam Defoe.

Posing as an American citizen,he uncovers the truth about what happened to him many years ago and plots his revenge against those that had done him wrong.

A fast paced and very well executed thriller by the author Evgeny Levin.

My thoughts:

This book easily gets 5 stars for it's creative plot and great story line. It was like reading a great script for a movie.  Evgeny Levin writes one heck of a good revenge story and I was very pleased to be able to review this book. I finished it within a couple of hours. I j…