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My video review on Borghese Fango Mud Masks

This is just a quick video review on my thoughts on the Borghese Fango Mud Mask Line. As far as I know these products are cruelty free and made in Italy.

The products I received for free are sample sizes. To see the actual product line. Please click on the link in the beginning of this post.

I thought all the products were really nice but my favorite was the Fango Delicato since it's for dry skin which I have issues with.  All masks can be used on face and body.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Sacar Stationery Pack of 100 Kraft Tags with 10m Jute Twine Review

I received this really nice set of craft tags from Sacar Stationary to review. 
Each package of tags includes  100 tags and 10 meters of Jute Twine. Each tag is blank so you can customize them any way you like.
The twine gives them a very rustic look which I love. You can also use them with ribbon and colored twine or cord if you wanted to.
These tags aren't small either. At 9x5.4 cms they are the perfect size for many presents and packages. 
With Halloween arriving in a few months,I think these would be great tags to put on goody bags. I can personalize each party guest's bag easily with these nice tags from Sacar.
If you would like to get your own set of these handy tags,please visit Sacar Stationery's store on   At this time,the tags and twine set is just 9.95. Prime shipping is available for Prime members.
Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

Code Name:: Zosha Book Review by Yehudit Kafri

Code Name Zosha is a Biographical Novel written by Yehudit Kafri and Translated in English by Anne Pace.  It is a retelling of the life of Sophia Poznanska aka Zosha. (The first book was printed in 2003 in Hebrew by the same author.)
This story about Zosha Poznanska,goes through all the chapters of her short life. What she went through during her childhood,the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement in Poland,Eretz Isreal and the PKP in the 1920s,Europe in the 1930's and the Red Ochestra.

You will get to read love letters written by her as well as learn about her relationships with family and friends. The book also goes into her heroic struggle in a Gestapo prison. The state of Israel awarded Zosha a metal of honor for fighting the Nazis after her death.  

My thoughts:

This story was by no means an easy read for me. It deals with Zosha growing up without a Mother and having a sister who both suffered from Mental Illness. As a person that has both a Mother and a Sister who both struggle with…

Custom Body Art 12 Color "Deluxe" Glitter & Body Art Set Review

I received this really nice temporary tattoo kit with body glitters from Custom Body Art to review.

The kit includes lots of stick on stencils, 12 glitters,2 make up brushes and 2 bottles of glue. A detailed instruction sheet is also included.There are holiday stencil designs as well as other cool stencil shapes.
 Here is what the glue bottles look like. Easy to use and they have enough glue in them to do a lot of designs with.

My 14 year old daughter applied a butterfly stencil to her arm and made this pretty design. The design lasted all day and came off  easily with soap and water.
Overall,we both thought this was a really nice temporary tattoo set since you can design the colors yourself. 
If you would like to purchase this kit,it's available from Custom Body Art and sold on Amazon's web site.  For other kits and products they carry,please click on the link at the top of this post to browse their store. You can find additional stencils and other items. 
Thanks for reading…

Devoted Doggy Bucket Front Seat Cover for Dogs

I received this attractive bucket seat cover for dogs from Devoted Doggy to review.

This seat cover has a very nice quilted finish and rubberized backing to prevent accidents that dogs occasionally have while traveling in the car. It also is nice for keeping pet hair off of your car seat.

The car seat goes on really easy and stays secure thanks to these clip on straps that are sewn into the seat cover. I found the straps to be made very secure and had no issues with the seat cover slipping or moving
Features include:
Deluxe Waterproof Quilting Easy Installation No Slip Backing 
If you would like to get this Seat Cover,it's available for purchase at and sold through Devoted Doggy.  Shipping is free for Prime Members.
Thanks for reading and happy trails!

Ziraki Top Loading Yoga Mat Bag Review and Give Away

I received this pretty yoga mat bag compliments of Ziraki to review.

As you can see,it has a cute floral pattern on it. The handles are made really well and it has a nice feel to the material of the bag.

The bag measures 28 inches long and is very roomy inside.

It's also available in other colors.

While it's listed as canvas material,it almost feels rubbarized to me. Which makes it great for indoor or outdoor use.
As a thank you to my readers,Ziraki and G&M Deals are offering one of my readers a bag for free. To enter this contest. All you have to do is comment on this post. No Raffle form to fill out on this one. 
If you would like more info. on this nice quality bag or to make a purchase,please see G&M Deals Listing on
It's currently listed at 12.99 and Prime Shipping is available for Prime Members.
Thanks for reading and good luck!

Infusium 23 Leave In Treatment Review

I received a sample bottle of Infusium23 Leave in Cream courtesy of This was one of the great product from their Sunshine Voxbox Campaign.

I love the smell of this product. It really helped soften and smooth out my curls. I had recently colored my hair and it caused even more damage. I noticed a difference in feel and texture right after using it. My hair feels softer and is more manageable.  I love the results!

If you would like to purchase this product or for more information. Please visit the websites above for more information .
Thanks for reading!
*This post sponsored by Influenster.

OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review

I received a 4 ounce tube of Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi's Oxy Rub Pain Relief to review.

Once I unscrewed the cap and removed the tamper resistant foil,I noticed right away that the scent was unique from any other pain relief cream that I've tried. The flip top cap makes it quick and easy to apply.

This white cream's main ingredient is Menthol.It also contains Bitter Orange as an inactive ingredient. So it helps mask the odor of the product. So for those that don't like strong menthol  pain relief creams,this is really nice. 

My daughter helped me apply the cream to my lower back. It didn't feel greasy and absorbed easily. It didn't stain my clothing. The major thing is that it helped take the edge off my back pain.  Something that I'm very grateful for.
If you would like to try OxyRub Pain relief cream. It's available for purchase through
As a special thank you to my readers, please use the code  SAVEOXY2 for 20% Off of their current price of 29…

Carapex Products Review

I was contacted by the nice people of Carapex to try out some of their skin care products. I received their facial skin care kit and tea tree oil shampoo.

Carpex Facial Skin Care Kit includes a cleanser,toner and moisturizer. I found all of these products to be very gentle on the skin and comfortable to use. The products don't have much of a scent and they weren't. Which is important when you have other people in the house that have sensitive skin.

Carapex Tea Tree Oil Shampoo removed styling build up residue and made my scalp feel nice and tingly.  My 14 year old loves this shampoo as she likes the smell of Tea Tree and this has become one of her favorite shampoo products.
Another thing that my daughter and I loved is their packaging. The blue bottles are really pretty and make the products easy to dispense. The turtle with the Carapex logo is adorable. 
If you would like to learn more about these products,please visit You can also purchase their products through

Cocozia Chocolate Coconut Water Review

I received a case of 12 Cocozia Chocolate Coconut Water to Review.

One of the containers leaked during shipment making a mess of the other products that were inside with the order. Naughty Amazon! However I was still able to enjoy the rest of drinks with my family

Each container of Cocozia Chocolate Coconut Water is equivalent to 2 servings just like their regular coconut water. It also contains less sugar,carbs and contains more potassium than their regular water.

Despite the fact that it has less sugar,I thought that it tasted sweeter than their other product. The chocolate and coconut flavors were the perfect balance. My husband and kids enjoyed it as well. 
If you would like to try this 100% Organic Chocolate Coconut Water from Cocozia,please see their listing on Right now it's available in a case of 12 and prime shipping is available for Prime members. Please visit for recipes and more.
Thanks for reading.
*Post sponsored by Cocozia

Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic Pellets Review

I received a 10 ounce jar of Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic Pellets to review.

This was the first time I had ever used a moldable plastic product before. For a newbie I found the experience to be a lot of fun. When you receive this product in the mail,it comes with an instruction sheet on how to use it.  I decided to make an ornament for my 1st try.
Basically what I did was a couple of tablespoons of  beads and heat them up in water until it reached 151 degrees.(The instructions state 140 but they didn't turn clear at that temp for me) I used an old coffee mug and heated the water up for a minute and a half. I used a temperature gun to measure the temperature of the water. However if you don't have one,you will know the beads are ready to mold once they all turn clear in the water and stick together.

Once the beads are clear,I carefully scooped  them out with a spoon and removed the excess water. I used a lemon squeezer for this. I then was able to flatten it with my hands a…

2 Rise K-Pods Review


2 Rise Breakfast Blend is a light roast coffee that has bright,floral and clean notes. Combining South and Central American Coffees that are slow roasted,it's mild yet full flavor eases you into your day. 

Greater Goods K-Pods are designed to work with Keurig 2.0 as well as other models. Their unique shape and eco-friendly design makes the water flow easier through the pods. Their claim is if there is less plastic it will taste better. The innovative cupless design of their K-Pods improves extraction,as the coffee is brewed through a filter and not plastic. The grounds are nitrogen flushed and the pods are 99% oxygen free for the ultimate freshness. 

I thought this coffee was delicious and a great way to start out my morning. It flowed easily through my Keurig Signature model and made a great cup of coffee.

2 Rise Breakfast Blend Kpods come in a package of 12 and are available through purchase on Prime Shipping is available to Prime Members.


DownIT Skull Shot Glass Review

I received this cool and spooky shot glass from DownIT for free to review.
It holds 1.5 oz of liquid to the eyes and 2 oz to the brim. It's a really nice shot glass for parties and I've tested it with hot beverages as well. My husband and I use it for espresso shots to add to our coffee in the morning. 
Each glass is hand blown and beautifully created using the finest materials available. 

I found this shot glass to be very thick and durable. It came packaged very nicely and is boxed so it's suitable for gift giving.

This glass is perfect for people who love to collect Halloween memorabilia like myself or who loves spooky collectibles.

If you would like to purchase this skull shot glass from DownIT,it is available through Prime members get free shipping. The current price is 9.99.

Thanks for reading!

Innovative Design 101 Cell Phone Purse Review

I received this lovely cell phone purse from ID101 for free to review. It comes in three attractive colors:black,light blue and white.

I received the black one.

This bag comes with two straps so that you can use it as a cross body purse or you can use it as a wristlet.

Here is a photo to show the pretty pattern and wrist strap. The front clasp is made really well. The straps are also easy to apply. There are gold tone attachments on both sides.

Here is a photo to give you an idea on how much it holds. You can easily place your cell phone, a small wallet or cosmetics bag inside this purse.
My daughter saw it and loved it so much that it is now hers. So it looks like I'm going to have to buy another one!
If you would like to purchase this cell phone purse from ID101, it is available from Le Bleu Bean's store link on for 15.99. Prime shipping is available to Prime Members. 
Thanks for reading!