Monday, June 8, 2015

THE CHOSEN Book I: The Youth Ebook Review


The Chosen Book I The Youth by Shlomo Kalo is a biblical story about Daniel who is separated from his family,home and girlfriend and exiled to Babylon. Captured and hoped to be used for his talents at the Royal Court,he is subjected to grueling trials and quests that even his captors couldn't dream of.

This story is being republished in three volumes. These books tell tales of friendship,faith,drama,betrayal,redemption and a love stronger than death. 

I thought this was very well written and and was an interesting twist on the biblical story of Daniel. I received this story free to review in PDF format.  It is now available for purchase on Kindle Unlimited subscribers can get this book for free. Paper back is also available for 9.99.  

If you have already read this book,parts two and three are also available. (Three is currently available on Kindle format only)

Thanks for reading!

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