Ebook - Oranit: Crossed Lines Review

Oranit Crossed Lines by Michael Benjamin is a story about an Arab collaborator whose body if found by a collapsed wall in the new Israeli settlement of Oranit. Most people think his was killed in his own village. Two years later a bullet is found by a wall.  Foul play is confirmed and the death is listed as a murder case.

The main character is a woman named Jeannie who is a former member of Israeli Military Field Security.  Now an employee of Shin Bet Security service, she is in charge of putting the case to rest once and for all. 

When she looks into the circumstances involving the collaborators death, she discovers a hidden world of smuggling,forgery and other activities that are tied to minor politicians. Every,including Jeannies's own Father is a suspect.

My Thoughts:

I loved getting to know the cast of characters in this book. It had a great mix of adventure,mystery and action.  It's nice to see a strong woman with family as the main character in this story. There were often times when the author's humorous streak shined through as well. The ending caught me off guard as I wasn't expecting the outcome(not to give away spoilers) I thought Jeannie's decision was the right one for her and her family.

About The Author: This is Michael Benjamin's 1st book. A retired Israeli Army Psychiatrist, Mr. Benjamin touches on subjects of politics and racial tension of the Green Line,the Yom Kippur War and the Holocaust in this book. 

Oranit Crossed Lines is available of Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.com

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