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VanDay Ultra Cover Tablet Case Review

I received a VanDay iPad Mini Tablet Case at a promotional discount price to review.

VanDay Ultra Slim iPad Mini Cases features:
Speaker Holes,Camera Hole,Kickstand with auto wake/sleep function. The cases have precision cuts to allow access to all ports and functions on your tablet.
This case comes in 16 different designs to choose from. It's light weight so it doesn't weigh down your tote bag or purse.
We chose the case above but in the light blue shade. My 14 year daughter and I picked it out together since this is going on her tablet.

The blue color is so pretty. The case has a rubberized strap as it's not magnetized.

We found it to be very durable so far. We also received a screen protector and stylus with the case as well.

This cases are designed to fite iPad Mini 1,2 and 3.

If you would like to order one of these cases from VanDay,please see their listing on Colors and Prices vary. Prime Shipping is available to Prime members.

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Ebook - Oranit: Crossed Lines Review

Oranit Crossed Lines by Michael Benjamin is a story about an Arab collaborator whose body if found by a collapsed wall in the new Israeli settlement of Oranit. Most people think his was killed in his own village. Two years later a bullet is found by a wall.  Foul play is confirmed and the death is listed as a murder case.
The main character is a woman named Jeannie who is a former member of Israeli Military Field Security.  Now an employee of Shin Bet Security service, she is in charge of putting the case to rest once and for all. 
When she looks into the circumstances involving the collaborators death, she discovers a hidden world of smuggling,forgery and other activities that are tied to minor politicians. Every,including Jeannies's own Father is a suspect.

My Thoughts:
I loved getting to know the cast of characters in this book. It had a great mix of adventure,mystery and action.  It's nice to see a strong woman with family as the main character in this story. There were of…

Earthen Clay Blackhead / Blemish Tool Kit Remover for Acne Review

Earthen Clay's 5 Piece Acne/Blemish Tool kit comes shipped exactly as you see it in the photo. It has all the tools you need to extract blackheads,white heads and cleaning out the pores on your nose.
I found the tools very easy to use. Always remember to sanitize them before and after use. You can use rubbing alcohol and that will work fine for cleaning off your tools. 
These tools are also made of stainless steel so they will last for a long time. 
Now you maybe wondering,why do I want to use tools when I can just pop pimples with my fingers? Well for one,that spreads infection and can cause scarring. By using these tools,they can help prevent scarring and are more sanitary. They are all different sizes so that you can use the right one for the job. 
At 7.95,this set is quite a bargain. You can find it on This is an add on item. So Amazon Prime members will get free shipping on it but you have to have 25.00 worth of merchandise in your cart. If you are doing a little…

Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water Review

I was provided with a free carton of Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water for free to review.

Cocozia's 100% Organic Coconut Water comes shipped in 16.9 ounce cartons. So each carton is equal to two cups of Coconut Water. 

I like that the freshness date is printed on the top by the cap and it's very easy to read. The caps are very easy to open.
This came shipped warm from (I'm not sure if other retailers ship them via dry ice.) So,I stuck this in the fridge to chill for a few hours prior to serving. 
I shared this with my husband but unfortunately he didn't like the taste of it. I have tried other coconut water in the past and thought this was okay but just not sweet enough for me.
Product and Ingredient Information: Nutrition Facts Serving size: 1 Carton (330 mL) Per Box 12 Amount Per ServingCalories 70% Daily Value*Total Fat 0g0%Sodium 65mg3%Potassium 730mg21%Total Carbonhydrate 16g5%Sugars 14gProtein 0gCalcium 6%●Iron 8%Magnesium 20%●Phosphourus 4%

If you a…

Till We Say Goodbye by Nahum Sivan eBook Review

Book Description : 

This is an amazing slice of Israeli history told  through the story of a family living in
Iraq during the beginning of the 20th century.

 A young Jewish man receives a threatening prophecy: he will have several sons and a single daughter, but she will go blind, and would be sacrificed for the boys. As the years pass, he gets married, immigrates to Israel with his family, and forgets all about the prophecy. Until the day when Maggie, his only daughter, is diagnosed with leukemia.

This is the first hand, true story of the author who is the eldest son of this family. He unveils his extraordinary childhood and sheds new light on the saga of the Iraqi Jews' immigration to Israel. He gracefully describes the hardships and wonders of life in this new land, while the menacing ancient prophecy lies always in the background...

 Thought to be a window to an area not yet explored about Israel - the concept of “Aliyah”, which is immigration to Israel from foreign lands. This boo…

CARAT Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger Review

The CARAT Fruit Basket with built in Banana Hanger is really nice. It not only stores your fruits properly but it is so pretty,it goes easily with any decor.

When guests come over,you can offer them a healthy snack right from this very bowl.

I especially like the banana hanger,as it keeps my bananas from bruising since they are suspended by the sturdy hook provided on this bowl.  No more bruised bananas for me!

If you would like to purchase this Fruit Basket from CARAT it's available through Amazon and Prime shipping is available. If you don't have Prime shipping,by ordering 2 or more you can get them shipped for free.

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*Product received in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Oz Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant Review

I received this 2.75 oz bottle of Oz Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant for free to review.

The first thing I liked about this product was it's old fashioned metal bottle. You just unscrew the silver cap and add a small amount of Rice Flour to your hand and then add water. It makes a nice exfoliate to remove dead skin from your face and body.

This product is made in the USA,Cruelty Free 100% Natural and 90% Organic.

Ingredients:Organic Rice Powder,Green Tea Powder,Lactic Acid,DL Panthenol(Pro Vitamin B-5) and Alpha Lipoic Acid

A tip I like to do, is add it to my favorite mild cleanser and make my cleanser work better for me. If you do add it to water,I suggest using an eye dropper to add the water a little at a time to make a paste with it. Otherwise it will be too watery and not at the right consistency.

You can find this product on Amazon.  Prime shipping is available for Prime Members.

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Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphone Review

Silicon Devices Comfort + Headphones feature Bluetooth 4.0. You can enjoy music while running,walking,biking,gardening and many other activities simply by pairing these headphones with your favorite Bluetooth device.
These Headphones are lightweight and have different size covers and earlocks for the best custom fit. They fit securely while you can still move around without them falling off. 
They provide HD crystal clear sound to enhance the users listening experience. They also have white noise cancellation to provide even greater enjoyment when listening to music.  They are also sweat proof.

Package contents:
- Silicon Comfort+ Wireless Headphones
- User manual
- Micro USB charge cable
- Black Carrying Case with soft inner cloth lining and a mesh pocket inside, designed to custom fit your headset
- Ear buds (small, medium, large)
- Outdoor sport Fit Stabilizer.

I received this product for free to review. My husband and I both tested these headphones on our Smartphones. They work great,didn&#…

FSL Xylem Wood Earbuds Review

Future Sound Lab or FSL for short,created these Wooden Xylem Earbud Earbuds with quality sound in mind.  The wooden chamber provides natural acoustic affects. They are designed to reflect bass frequencies and absorb high frequencies. This gives better bass performance.
They also have a button on them that lets you cycle through songs,and pause to take a phone call when paired with your cell phone. (This feature doesn't work with all models)
I received this set of headphones for free to review. They came with a small storage pouch,an instruction booklet and extra ear buds.
I found the FSL Earbuds comfortable to wear. These can be paired with any device that uses a 3.5 mm socket. I used them with my HP Desktop PC,My Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone and my Nokia 925 smart phone.
I found the best performance was when they were compared with the Nokia 925 as I was able to use the skip,playback and pause feature with no issues. Sadly this was not the case with my Samsung Galaxy S4. The sou…

THE CHOSEN Book I: The Youth Ebook Review

The Chosen Book I The Youth by Shlomo Kalo is a biblical story about Daniel who is separated from his family,home and girlfriend and exiled to Babylon. Captured and hoped to be used for his talents at the Royal Court,he is subjected to grueling trials and quests that even his captors couldn't dream of.
This story is being republished in three volumes. These books tell tales of friendship,faith,drama,betrayal,redemption and a love stronger than death. 
I thought this was very well written and and was an interesting twist on the biblical story of Daniel. I received this story free to review in PDF format.  It is now available for purchase on Kindle Unlimited subscribers can get this book for free. Paper back is also available for 9.99.  
If you have already read this book,parts two and three are also available. (Three is currently available on Kindle format only)

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SH&SH Pizza Cutter Review

The SH&SH Pizza Cutter has a 100% stainless steel blade. I found it to be very sharp when cutting my store bought take and bake pizza. The cutting wheel is made of stainless steel as well. This makes it dishwasher safe so it's easy to clean and it won't rust.

I especially like the rubberized handle with the build in thumb rest. This makes it very easy to use. The handle fits very nice in my hand when I use it with no discomfort. Which is a plus when you have arthritis in your hands like I do.

I received this product free to test and am so glad I did. My family goes through a lot of pizza and this cuts the perfect sized pizza slices every time.

This retails for 13.79 on and is sold by SH&SH. Orders are fulfilled by Amazon and Prime Shipping is available on this item.

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Leabags Unisex Satchel Review

I received the most gorgeous bag from Leabags. Although I wasn't obligated to write a blog review,I just had to show it off because it's just so nice.

The color of the bag I received is in the color chestnut, however it looks more like a pretty chocolate to me.  The bag measures 15x12x4 inches. It's very roomy and has multiple compartments as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.

There are pockets on the inside for pens,a tablet,cell phone and so much more. There is a Velcro compartment on the inside and one zip up compartment as well. 

On the outside there is a 2 zip up compartments (one is under the flap of the bag) and one Velcro compartment.

This bag is made of buffalo leather so it's very easy to maintain and should last for a long time. Since it's unisex,both guys and gals can use it for school,work or as a nice weekender bag. To see more features on this bag or to make a purchase,please click the link at the top of this post.

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Adovia Exfoliating Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt and Natural Oils Review

Adovia Exfoliating Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt and Natural Oils comes in this attractive 11 oz jar. This scrub is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells from your body and can be used in the bathtub or shower.

I'm not really sure why it's called Ocean Breeze, as it has an extremely strong floral fragrance. I normally love floral fragrances but for me ,this was a bit much.

I also found this product extremely messy to use. All of the blue you see floating at the top of the jar in the photo, is floral scented liquid. I thought the bath salts would be encapsulated in a gel. The jar comes with a clear plastic liner that you peel off prior to using it. When I peeled off the liner,the liquid splashed everywhere and got all over my bathroom counter top.

If you like strong floral scented products and are looking for something for body exfoliation,this product is available through :

goPURE Naturals

Product received in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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