NeuroBeats Sleep Better Album Review

Sleep Better from NeuroBeats contains 13 mp3 tracks that use bilateral beats to help promote relaxation and provide a better sleep experience.  

Instructions are to listen 30 minutes before going to sleep on your MP3 player or Smartphone with good quality stereo headphones and try out the program for 2 weeks for best results. 

Track Listing includes:

1.)Delta Beats
2.)Tibetan Bowls with Delta Beats
3.)Wind Chimes with Delta Beats
4.)Wind in Leaves with Delta Beats
5.)River with Delta Beats
6.)Forest with Delta Beats
7.)Rain and Thunder with Delta Beats
8.)Heavy Rain with Delta Beats
9.)Snowstorm with Delta Beats
10.)Beach with Delta Beats
11.)Crickets with Delta Beats
12.)Fireplace with Delta Beats
13.)Silent Night for Babies with Delta Beats

What I did was pick out the ones that were most pleasing to me from my PC after I downloaded the album and then transfer them to my smart phone.

My 2 favorites are number 4 and number 10 as they are really soothing to me and remind me of days at the beach falling asleep in the sun and picnics in the woods with my cousins.

If you would like to purchase this album or any of the MP3s separately,please click on the link above for more information. 

Thanks for reading!

*copy provided in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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