Ebook Dangerous Bet by Jack Gardner Review

I received a copy of Jack Gardner's book Dangerous Bet for free to review

 Description :
Another day, another lunch, another assassination attempt. 

Only this time, he is the mark, and the contractor is none other than the secret intelligence agency to which he has devoted his life. Against all odds, he survives the assassination attempt and goes underground. 

As a senior intelligence officer, he realizes he must find out the real reason behind this attempt, or he will pay with his life. Putting himself in the line of fire, he reveals a national conspiracy, which starts with the theft of immense gambling funds - and ends with the overthrow of the government. 

Just when he thinks all the cards are on the table, he discovers the real gamble is yet to come... 

This fast-paced suspense novel traces the invisible line between risk-taking industry leaders, corrupt intelligence officials, tycoons who know no boundaries, and politicians who have sold their souls to the dolla

My Thoughts:

For me,this was one of those books that hops back and forth between past and present tense too much which made it somewhat hard to follow.  After reading about the main character's personal life(having a wife and mistress)I didn't care for him at all.  While it's listed as a financial thriller,there was nothing thrilling about it to me.  I gave it three stars. The plot was okay but I didn't really care for it.

Dangerous Bet by Jack Gardner can be found on Amazon.com in paperback as well as Kindle Edition.

Thanks for reading.


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