Children of Cain Series Books 1 and 2 Reviews

The Children of Cain Series by author R.J Craddock is considered Mature Young Adult Urban Fantasy.

In Book One:The Forsaken,readers are introduced to a little girl named Gwenevere or Gwen as she likes her friends to call her. A deadly fire forces her to leave her home in the dead of winter only to be found by the human world. After a stay in the hospital she is taken to an Orphanage.

While not being able to speak English,she has the ability to read minds and learns quickly. The only one like her that can speak her own language is a boy she affectionately calls Raven for his dark black hair. The two run off together to search for their own kind only to be separated and a dark path lies in store for Gwen.

In Book Two:The Offspring,Gwen flees and murder and hides in the woods only to be overtaken by Mother Nature's Winter Storm. In a weakened state,Gwen's abilities can not help her and she becomes unconscious. Miraculously she is saved and taken to a realm she never knew existed. Will she finally find her own people at last?

My thoughts:

I love this series despite it's dark undertones and cruel plot against Gwen. I thought it was original and has great story development. Gwen is such a strong feminine character because she is a true survivor.Despite being different she doesn't make judgement against anyone and always tries to give people a fair chance.

While labeled as Young Adult,I feel these books are more for ages 17 and over because of the violence and sexual abuse that is portrayed in both books in this series. Parental guidance is advised.

Author Contact Info. Official Author's Page (you can click on the covers of her books for purchasing info) Facebook :Twitter Youtube :Author's Personal Blog :Pinterest

Thanks for reading.

*copies of books provided in exchange for my honest and unbiased review


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