Booty Fresh - "Private" Odor Remover Review

As a person that suffers from IBS, I've used all kind of cleansing wipes to feel more fresh and confident. However carrying around a box of wipes when you are 40 something isn't the most discrete thing to do.  It can also be a little embarrassing.  

With Booty Fresh Odor Neutralizing Spray,I can use put this in my purse and people will just think I'm spritzing perfume when I'm in the bathroom. However this spray is not a perfume or cologne. It's colorless and odorless. It helps freshen your bottom when all other products fail. You simply spray it on after using the bathroom and then wipe it away to draw away any unpleasant odors.  It can also be used in the shower.

Booty Fresh contains Aloe Vera,Peroxide and other ingredients to help sooth and refresh your bum.

Each 4 oz  bottle contains 120 spritzes to help you feel clean and fresh. 

For more information on this product,please visit Booty Fresh on

Thanks for reading!

*Product received in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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