Lovely Fresh I Love My Dog Wellness Deodorizer Review

I received a free bottle of I Love My Dog Wellness Deodorizer from Lovely Fresh free to review.

This spray was created to help keep pets fresh in between baths. It's a nice citrus scent that's very light and not over powering. I applied it to all of my dogs to freshen them up in between baths. Their coats were nice and shiny and they seemed to enjoy it.

It also contains moisturizers to help relieve itching and irritation associated with flea and tick infestation. Citrus is also a natural flea/tick repellent.

Ingredients include:Oat protein,colloidal oats,pure neem oil,glycerin,wheat germ glycerides,botanical extracts and Vitamins A,D,and E.

It contains no alcohol to dry out dogs sensitive skin and can be used on Dogs and Cats 12 weeks and older. 

Here are all of my Dogs. While my oldest still has a few itchies, they all smell nice and clean in between bath time.

Miss Oreo says I smell clean and fresh!

Miss Liza says I'm clean now I'm going to sleep.

Mr. Petey always under my computer chair.

This product is made in the USA and can be purchased for 11.95 from Lovely Fresh at

Thanks for reading.


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