Dream Dots Acne Treatment Patches Review

I received a package of Dream Dots Acne Treatment Patches for free to review.

This box contains 24 dots however you can purchase them in other quantities.

Each patch is on a tiny piece of paper that you detach and remove. You just apply them to clean dry skin where you have a blemish. Then leave them on for about 8-10 hours.

The reason why they are called Dream Dots is that they can be worn while you are sleeping. I had these on during the day and no one even noticed they were on my face.

Here is what my blemishes looked like after applying them.

This is what my blemishes looked like after 8-10 hours. They are still red but the Dream Dots cleared up a lot of the impurities and reduced the swelling.

This one everything was drawn out. It's still a little red but that's to be expected. Instructions state that you can wear them 3-4 days until it's fully healed.

This one wasn't a spot but cystic acne that was under the skin. The Dream Dot brought everything to the surface quickly which I am so grateful for. If you've ever had cystic acne,you know how painful that can be so I was so happy when that one came to a head. It would have taken days for it do that on it's own.

Dream Dots product is made in the UK and is available for purchase through their store on Amazon.com. You can also purchase it and obtain more information at :


I also did a video review on Youtube.com if you would like to watch. :)

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