CELFIE Stick Review

I received a free Celfie Stick in black to review. The model I received is the Z07-5

This is all the things that comes with the stick,a USB charger, phone mount,stick and the orange rubber piece goes on the mount. I found this piece optional.

First I took the stick out of the box and charged it up through my computer via the USB port. This takes about an hour. This is done through the bottom of the handle. There is a little on/off switch as well.

A summary of instructions show you how to put it together. There is a little slip of paper that serves as an instruction manual inside of the box also.

The instructions were easy to follow,however they didn't explain how you extended the celfie stick to make it longer. You need to pull on the metal part at the top of the handle. This is good for when you want to get a lot of the background in your shots. I had  a little trouble extending mine but got it to work.

After charging it,I turned it on and paired it with my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4S and it works fine. There was no additional software needed. Some Android devices do need additional software as I found out through the paper instruction slip.

This push button on the stick works great at taking photos. This makes it easy to do product review photos where I need to be in the shots. So maybe you will see some more photos of me in the future. :)

This Celfie stick works with Android 3.0 and iOS4.0

Max Load Capacity:500g
Length of Extension:235-1005mm
Main Material:Steel
Flex Section:7
Net Weight:162 g
Currently this comes in Black and Pink other colors in the future.
Battery capacity 250mAH
Charging Voltage 5v
Charge Time 1hr
Standy By 100 hrs, Autodyne frequency 500 times

If you would like more information on this product or to make a purchase, this retails for 15.97 and can be purchase from Celfie and Amazon.com.

Thanks for reading.


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