Syono Full Length Orthotic Inserts/Insoles Review

I received a free pair of shoe insoles from Syono to review.

This is how they come packaged in the mail.

These insoles are in Unisex sizes. I thought I would try out the size Medium in 8-9 since I wear a size 9 shoe.

As you can see from the out of the box,they are pretty long.

Now you can trim to fit these inserts. I am very picky about my inserts though. I don't like trimming them because I'm afraid I will take off too much and ruin the inserts. Then they shift and move around inside the shoe. They also don't offer any toe support.

They were too long for my size 9 wide shoes. However these inserts fit my husband's size 12 wide shoes perfectly with no alterations. They were comfortable to use and offered extra cushioning and support.

Next time I will try to get these in a Small.

Syono's Orthotic Inserts/Insoles come in the following Unisex sizes:

XS - 6-7
S - 7-8
M - 8-9
L - 9-11
XL - 11-12
* All inserts can be trimmed down to two sizes.

These inserts retail for 19.95 and can be purchased on Prime shipping is available.

Thanks for reading!


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