My BFF (Crowdtap Contest)

I met my friend Michele when we were in grade school. I was introduced to her through another friend during lunch. We started talking and I thought she was really nice. We would talk every day at school and soon we started hanging out at her house.

We shared our love of boy bands and like some friends,we had our ups and downs. Yet we always managed to be good friends through it all.

High School came as did new friends,yet we continued to talk on the phone and have sleep overs at her house. My Mom would take us on trips to the beach as well as bus trips she planned for us and my family.

The best trip we went on was when we went to Virginia. We were in our late teens and shared an adjoining room with my Mom and Sister. We watched MTV(when they actually had good music videos) and had lots of fun hanging out together. We went to restaurants,shopped and had a blast.

In our early 20's we would go out to movies and still visit and talk on the phone. At this point,I had my 1st daughter. She was there for me when my ex-boyfriend broke up with me as well as the other relationships I had. I was there for her when she needed someone to talk to about her relationships.

In my late 20's I met my husband. She helped me meet him by chaperoning on our 1st date and was she was at my wedding. My middle daughter has her middle name to honor her and to thank her for bringing us together.

My BFF has helped me be a better person by showing me support and never giving up on me. Through thick and thin she stuck by me all these years.

Although,we live in different cities ,we still talk on the phone and talk through Facebook.

Thanks Michele for being my BFF and always being there for me.

*This BFF Contest was sponsored by and this is my contest entry post .

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