Jiva Organics Rice Flour Review

I received a bag of Jiva's Rice Flour for free to review from Jiva Organics.
Unfortunately when I received this bag,it contained live bugs.

Those black flecks you see in the bag there are weevils.
I called the toll free # on the bag and they told me to get in touch with Amazon's distributor,as I had ordered it from there.
After submitting this photo to them,they then sent me out another bag. This took about a week or so back and forth. Now the lady did offer me a refund. However since I am reviewing the product I'm not eligible for one. I asked to send a new bag to try again.
This bag seems to look fine right?

Looks okay on this side.

So,I open it. I had my oven preheated and was all set to bake some cookies.

More bugs!
Let me be clear that the 1st bag I only had in my home for one day. The second bag I literally grabbed off the porch and started to preheat the oven. So these are coming from the factory this way.
I have contacted Jiva again to let them know their second bag was the same way but I never got a response.
I can not recommend this product and am very disappointed that I wasn't able to receive a good bag to at least try it.
Thanks for reading


  1. I love that they offered to correct the situation, but when the replacement is also infested, there is a manufacturing/warehousing issue. Hopefully people will find this review.


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