Ebook - Day Use Review

I received a copy of Day Use by Dalia Rosenfeld free to review.

Book Description :
A thrilling novel spiced with erotica that represents the story of Dalia Raz, a successful ceramics artist who suddenly becomes a widow after her husband is killed by a mysterious explosion in the factory he worked in.

In her despair, she decides to change and rehabilitate her life from her disaster. She turns her life upside down and opens a business for day use renting rooms by the hour for intimacy purposes. In parallel, she begins searching for the truth regarding her husband’s death and a series of explosions in secret military facilities. She refuses to believe that the series of explosions is random, but discovers nothing.
Her new unorthodox job exposes her to a new, intriguing world. She collects funny, tragic and dramatic stories about her guests as well as cheating and forbidden relationships. She writes about her experiences and publishes a book about it

The book also sheds light on Israel’s nuclear secrets.
The story is based on real life events; although names have been changed to avoid privacy invasion.

My thoughts:
I thought's that Dalia's story about her life as an artist/Day Use owner was interesting to say the least. Some of the things that happened at the Day Use were funny. Some were down right disturbing. Although this story borderlines on Erotica,it does have a bit of mystery and suspense. I wasn't expecting the surprise ending at all. I'm glad that the book ended happily however. There is only one thing that puzzled me. What happened to the maid in the story? She mentions that she hires her,fires her,then rehires her and then nothing more is mentioned about her.

If you would like to read this ebook for the Kindle,please click on the link above this post for more info.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I am always looking for new things to read.


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