Dot&Dot 2.0 oz & 1.25 oz Piece Travel Bottle Set Review

I received two sets of Dot&Dot Travel Bottles for free to review. They come in different sizes. I received the 1,25 oz which is the smallest they carry and I also have the 2.0 oz ones.

These are the 1.25 oz bottles:

Here is a comparison shot of the 2.0 oz ones side by side. Please note that the 2.0 oz bottles came with a blue bottle also. My daughter decided to use it and if you have kids,you know how that goes.

I like the smaller bottles for one day trips or using in smaller hand bags. Where the larger bottles are good for over night trips or weekend mini vacations.

Both bottle sets are made of silicone and have mini suction cups making them easy to stick on your mirror or counter surface so they won't be knocked off. This is nice for hands free dispensing too.

The bottles have clear flip top caps that are easy to open.The different colors make it easy to color coordinate your products for traveling. Blue/Body Wash,Green/ Shampoo,Clear/ Conditioner and Purple/Lotion(for example).

Some friendly tips:
The white ring is what makes the bottle leak proof. If that ring gets damaged then the bottles will leak, as my youngest daughter found out from my blue 2.0z bottle.

Kids may think they are water pistols and want to play with them as watery liquids shoot out of these really fast if squeezed too hard.  You may want to keep these out of reach of small children.

The suction cup should be cleaned periodically and the bottle shouldn't be left hang permanently. It's only for temporary hands free use.

Follow these tips and these handy dandy bottles will last quite a while. :)

If you would like to learn more about Dot&Dot Travel Bottles or to make a purchase,please click here.

Thanks for reading!


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