Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Labels Review and Giveaway!

I received a set of Chalkboard Pantry Labels from Cestari to review.

This set comes with 4 sheets of Chalkboard labels in various sizes. So it gives you plenty to work with. They make labeling your kitchenware so much fun.

So far I've used these on glass containers and they look really nice.

I used the Cestari Chalk Pen to write on them with,which I purchased separately.

These labels are easy to remove,so if you make a mistake just peel them off and reposition them to your liking. If you made a mistake with what you have written on them,simply wipe off with a light damp cloth and write it over again. It's that easy!

I think the small ones would be great as gift tags on home made treats. The larger ones make great storage labels for flour,sugar and other pantry staples.

As special thank you to my reader, Cestari Kitchen is offering a free set of their Pantry Labels to one of my readers.

If you would like to purchase the labels and pen right away you can check out the links above for more info. The labels are currently at 14.95 which isn't bad considering how many you get and that they are reusable. When you buy them with the pen there is a special price of 22.90.

I hope you enjoy using these labels as much as I do and you have fun decorating and labeling with them.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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  1. I would use these to keep my art supplies in order. They are so cute!

  2. Stephanie You are the winner. Sorry my Rafflecopter widget died on me.


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