Blupure Ecofriendly 13 Stage Countertop Water Filter Review.

I received a free Countertop Water Filtration System from Blu Pure to review.


This water filtration system is really simple to use. Everything you need is included to install it to your kitchen faucet.  There is a sheet of instructions included to guide you through the installation process.

I like how the unit fits right on my counter top. I used to use a faucet filtration unit that was attached to the faucet. I constantly had to change the filters in it. The filtered water would come out of the tap extremely slow. This was especially frustrating when making coffee in the morning or a pitcher of iced tea.

This knob in the back controls the water flow to the unit and the sink. When you want to use the filtration system,just pull the knob. When you turn the faucet off,the unit automatically shuts off  and stays off so that you use your sink as you normally do until you are ready to use the filtration unit again.

I love how crisp and clean my water tastes now. My coffee tastes fresher as does my tea and lemonade.It  just works so much better than my old water filter unit as the filter in this unit goes through 13 stages to give you the best  drinking water. Best of all,I only need to change the filter in this system once a year. 

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