Best For My Pets Bully Sticks Review

I received a package of Best For My Pet Bully Sticks free to review.

These sticks come in two sizes: 6 inch sticks or 12 inch sticks. I received the 6 inch ones.

Pros:There were 11 sticks in the package. The package has a resealable zip lock closure.
They are a hard long lasting chew and keep your dog busy and entertained.

Cons: The low odor claim isn't true. These sticks have a strong fishy aroma. However the dogs went nuts over it.
I was able to seal the bag after opening it but had trouble reopening it. The zip lock works a little too well and I had some difficulty prying it a part.

Oooh it's so stinky!

I want it anyway! Chomp!

My dog Liza hid in the crate to eat hers. She wasn't sharing.

So despite being fishy and hard to open,my 2 dogs loved them. Petey is too small to chew them but he loved the aroma.

If you would like more information on Best For My Pet Bully Sticks,they are available at A portion from each sale help shelter pets in need. Link is in the beginning of this post.

Thanks for reading!


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