BabyVue Video Monitor Review

I received a free BabyVue Monitoring System from Quality Source Product to review.

Those that know me and have read my blog know that my children are all older. However I do animal rescue from time to time and have several pets. So I am reviewing this product for that purpose.

This baby monitor has a 2.4GHZ range which is nice. I can have the monitor at my desk during the day or keep it in my room at night. I have the monitoring transmitter in my basement so I can keep an eye on my cats.

The 2 inch color LCD screen has a nice picture quality. It also features PTT or Push to Talk so that I can talk to them.

If you do animal rescue, this has an alarm system to wake you up for kitten and puppy feedings. There is a lullaby feature. Although I'm not sure why it plays Jingle Bells. I looked at the instruction manual and I don't see a way to change it to a different lullaby.  The instruction manual  is pretty easy to follow and has illustrations with the instructions.

Other features include date and time setting,volume controls and temperature indicator. I like the temperature reading a lot,as it alerts me if the room is getting colder.

I think this is a valuable monitoring system and it's great for human and pet parents to keep an eye on their loved ones.

*My kids say that this looks pretty spooky at night. I tend to agree.

If you would like more information on the BabyVue Video Monitor system or to make a purchase,please visit Quality Source Products listing at

Thanks for reading.


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