Somnis Sleep Aid Review

I received a bottle of Somnis Sleep Aid capsules to review.

This bottle contains a 2 month supply of medicine as the dosage is 1 pill before bedtime.

It's an all natural sleep aid that contains melatonin,l-tryptophan, and Vitamin B6. It also contains 125 mgs of gamma-aminobutric acid.

I looked up information about gamma-aminobutric acid. Apparently it helps with pain and can be used to treat anxiety and other disorders.

I have been taking Somnis for about a week now to help me get more sleep. It did help me get to sleep but I still woke up through the night as I'm a light sleeper. I also wasn't groggy the next morning.

Somnis Sleep Aid is made in the USA and can be purchased online at for 12.95.

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