Moodycards Review

I received this adorable set of Kitty Moodycards from to review.

If you have a desk job or have an in home office,there are times where you probably want to leave a message on your desk to let people know how you are feeling. Maybe you are really busy and can't be disturbed? There is card for that.

Maybe you just want to liven up your desk space. These cards are purrfect way of expressing how you feel in a cute and fun way.

Made like a spiral calender,you can just flip to whatever mood you want to express and sit it on your desk. There are over 20 moods with different cats to choose from and a set of jokes at the back of the cards.

If you would like your own set of Moodycards, they are 9.99 and can be purchased at

I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I do. They make great gifts for cat lovers.

Thanks for reading!


  1. These are great, I need to get some for my dad! He would love them!


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