Kitticat Arch Self Groomer with Bag of Catnip Review

I received this Kitti Cat Arch Self Groomer to review.

Zoe says no one play with this it's mine!

This product comes unassembled. The arch connects easily to the base by pushing it in place. A little bag of catnip comes with it. You sprinkle a little of the catnip on the groomer and your cat is attracted to it. They then use the arch as a hair removing tool and the base as a cat scratching tool. It's a 2 in 1 Groomer that's fun for your cats.

My cats had a lot of fun using this product. My calico Zoe didn't want to share her new toy though. My other cat Mittens was able to investigate a little.

Here is a video of Zoe checking it out :

If you would like more info. the Kitticat Self Groomer can be found on

My cats had a lot of fun testing out their new toy. I hope your cats enjoy it too.

Thanks for reading!


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