Ebook - Humanity's Global Era Review

I received a copy of Humanity's Global Era by Dr. Shlomo Yishai for review.

Book Description:
A new era is dawning. Within less than two decades,a fundamental change has taken place in our lives. Humanity, which has so far existed in one defined world, now exists simultaneously in both a real and a virtual world.

We have developed a parallel universe, one that exists, is significant, powerful and even threatening. We are all present in that world, and it has practical implications for all aspects of our lives.

This book deals with the Era of the Global Individual. It describes the Global Person’s formation process and addresses the ideological, educational and leadership challenges stemming from this new reality while offering practical tools for contending with them. These tools are based on innovative research dealing with the crossroads between research on emotions and technology, and the wisdom we have acquired through the ages.

My thoughts:

I thought Dr. Yishai's book was an eye opening read.When you think about how far our society has come in this great technological age: Dr. Yishai's analogy is correct. We are all global butterflies. Our children will never know a time without social media or the Internet and how far we have come. Anyone who is involved with social media and uses the Internet for daily activities should read it. It gives you a lot to think about.

If you would like to receive your own copy of this book,you can find it on Amazon.com. It's available in Kindle and Paperback format.

Thanks for reading.


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