People Speak 4 eBook Review

Book Description :
This is a collection of true stories that were written by real people of Jewish faith. Each story speaks of their own lives. The stories were collected by writer and editor Chaim Walder. Each story was hand selected by him

Rabbi Chaim Walder is the bestselling author of the series Kids Speak.

I enjoyed Rabbi Walder's storytelling. The way he is able to take a person into the journey of other people's lives is wonderful. He paints a picture of peoples triumphs as well of hardships in this book. I'm not of the Jewish faith but I could still understand the message behind each story. For those that don't speak Hebrew or Yiddish,there is a handy dictionary of words included for better understanding of some of the phrases used in this book.

The People Speak series has been translated into six languages and has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people the world over for its unique ability to retell people's life stories in an incredibly touching manner. This is the 4th book in the series.

If you would like to order your own copy of People Speaks 4 by Chaim Walder,you can pick up a copy on Amazon. His book is available for the Kindle or in Hardcover.

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