Anti Snore Nose Clip Product Review

I received an Anti Snore Nose Clip from Rami Naturals for free to review. This is how the product comes packaged in the mail.

Here is a better close up to show you how small the product and clear storage case is.

The case is roughly the size of a contact lense case opening for one eye.

Product claims

• Promotes better breathing
• Aids in reducing and stopping snoring
• Helps reduce dry mouth
• Drug Free
• Reusable
• Stores easily in a clear travel case

I gave this product to my husband, since he always snores in his sleep. If I don't fall a sleep before he does,then the chances of getting a good nights rest are nil. He tried it out and I was surprised that it worked. It clips inside the nose to promote better air way. He did lose it in the bed but was able to find it thank goodness. Product instructions indicate some people may need to use more than one.Maybe it has to do with him having a more prominent nose. :)

This product is sold by Rami Brands and fulfilled by for 12.95. As a special thank you to my readers,Rami Brands is offering you a $5 dollar coupon. Just use SNORENOT at checkout.

Thanks for reading and sweet dreams.


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