Petunia Skin Care 1.0mm Derma Roller,Eye Serum, & Anti-aging Serum Review

I received this kit from Petunia Skin Care for free to review.

This is a photo of the all the products I received.

This is a close up of the Anti-Aging Serum.

Here is a close up of the Eye Serum.

The derma roller in it's nice attractive case.

The Pros:
The Derma Roller and Anti-Aging Serum work great. I had no pain issues or bleeding like some of my friends told me about from using it. Perhaps it was the brand they had. I applied light gentle pressure to my face and neck and then used the Anti-Aging serum. The Derma Roller promoted better absorption of the product and the Anti-Aging serum felt really nice. Both products worked great together. They both came in very nice packaging as stated and shown in my photos.

The Cons: The Eye Serum was a disappointment. While I normally like gel formulas,this one dried tacky on the skin. It left my under eye area feeling tight and then the gel peeled off. I looked like a snake shedding it's skin. I applied it sparingly under each eye as to not apply too much. I've never had an Eye Serum do that before. Maybe the cold temperatures affected the formulation when it was shipped to me. I'm not sure. Also,the product looked nothing like the description in the photo,nor did it come in a box. It was just wrapped in bubble wrap inside the shipping container. So no gift box for this one.

If you would like to purchase these or any of Petunia Skin Care's other beauty products,please visit their store on

Thanks for reading and Thanks to Petunia Skin Care for allowing me to review their products.


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