First Aid Shot Therapy Review

I received a free bottle of First Aid Shot Therapy from Influenster as part of their Surfsup! Voxbox promotion. Here is what the product looks like:

It's a liquid drink similar to energy shot bottles that you see sold in stores.

The first thing I did was read the ingredients on the label,as some pain relievers bother my stomach. This is an NSAID so always talk to your Dr. before taking any new pain reliever. In case it counteracts any medication you are currently on.

This is berry flavored. I wasn't really fond of the taste. I tried putting the product in the fridge to make it taste better but it still reminded me of cherry cough syrup. However it does take the edge off if you have pain. In my case,I used it for menstrual cramps. It also works pretty fast. However,I'm already on an NSAID for arthritis so maybe that's why it worked quicker for me.

I would consider purchasing this product again in the future. If you would like to learn more about this product or how to get your own Voxbox for free,check out First Aid Shot Therapy and Influenster's websites.


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