Crowdtap Hill's Science Ideal Balance Dog Food Review

I received a free Hills Science Ideal Balance Dog Food kit courtesy of Crowdtap to review. I was not compensated for this program. I'm just sharing my opinion on these products. Here is a photo of the kit I received in the mail.

The kit contained 1 bag of Hill's Science Ideal Balance Dry Dog Food,1 can of wet dog food,1 bag of dog treats and 1 retractable leash.

Here is some more pictures of the products.

My Dogs:

Liza is a Terrier/Pointer mix and weighs about 77 pounds. Petey is a Brussels Griffon and weighs 14 pounds. Oreo is a Blue Heeler Mix aka Australian Shepard. She is 3 1/2 months old and weighs 12 pounds.

I gave each of them some of the dry food,wet food,and treats. They all seemed to like the dry food. Oreo didn't care for the wet food however. She nibbled a little bit at it. The consistency of the wet food was like pate' or loaf. She likes wet food that has gravy in it.

Sorry I couldn't get any photos of the other two eating. They are food aggressive and it wouldn't have been a very pretty sight. :(

I will say that Petey devoured the wet food. He loved it out of all three dogs. The dog treats are the perfect size for Oreo and Petey since they are small in shape. Liza likes them too but they are a little bit too small for her. Since she is a pretty good sized dog.

Thanks again Crowdtap for another great sample share. Thank you Hills Science Ideal Balance for making a grain free Dog food product. Liza sometimes has trouble with corn based products so this is great for her. I would definitely purchase these products in the future.


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