Crowdtap Hill's Ideal Balance Cat Food Review

I received free Hill's Ideal Balance Cat food from Crowdtap sample share to review. Here is a photo of my kit:

The kit contains:
1 bag of Grain Free Natural Chicken and Potato Recipe Dry Cat Food
2 Cans of Grain Free Gourmet Tuna Recipe Wet Food
1 Bag of Chewy Naturals with Real Chicken Treats
1 Coupon Booklet 1 Ideal Balance laser pointer (not shown in photo mine was broken)

Here are my taste testers

Crazy cat lady picture time! :)

The reason they are all eating on the counter is because I have dogs and they would have devoured the cat food. This would have made the kitties most unhappy.

As you can see they all loved Hill's Ideal Balance Cat Food. Zoe was the only one that didn't seem to care for the treats. She liked the dry and wet food though. I think the canned food was their favorite. Which was quite a surprise. Since they usually don't like Tuna flavored cat food. What can I say, I have strange cats.

Thank you again Crowdtap for this sample share and thanks Hills Ideal Balance for making this nutritious cat food and treats. My cat's loved it.


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