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Crowdtap Hill's Ideal Balance Cat Food Review

I received free Hill's Ideal Balance Cat food from Crowdtap sample share to review. Here is a photo of my kit: The kit contains:
1 bag of Grain Free Natural Chicken and Potato Recipe Dry Cat Food
2 Cans of Grain Free Gourmet Tuna Recipe Wet Food
1 Bag of Chewy Naturals with Real Chicken Treats
1 Coupon Booklet 1 Ideal Balance laser pointer (not shown in photo mine was broken) Here are my taste testers Crazy cat lady picture time! :) The reason they are all eating on the counter is because I have dogs and they would have devoured the cat food. This would have made the kitties most unhappy. As you can see they all loved Hill's Ideal Balance Cat Food. Zoe was the only one that didn't seem to care for the treats. She liked the dry and wet food though. I think the canned food was their favorite. Which was quite a surprise. Since they usually don't like Tuna flavored cat food. What can I say, I have strange cats. Thank you again Crowdtap for this sample share and thanks H…

Crowdtap Kleenex Tissue Sample Review

I received a free box of Kleenex soft and strong tissues from Crowdtap to review. This is the pretty box I got: The family sized box is great for us because we go through a lot of tissues. I like the soft and strong ones because I don't have to use as many. They are great for colds and allergy sufferers. I keep them everywhere. This is another box I have in my living room for my husband that has allergies. He always goes through Kleenex tissues. He should own stock in the company. :) They also have some other neat design boxes. When we have an empty box of tissues we use them for storage. This is what my youngest daughter did with her box. Notice the rounded design. She likes the black and white pattern as well. Thanks Crowdtap for another nice sample share. Thank you Kleenex for making such great tissues and boxes.

David Gray The Mutineers Album Review

This is the 1st album review I've done on my site. I normally do product reviews so this is something different for a change. I was able to listen to David Gray's album:The Mutineer's courtesy of One2One Network for free to review. The Mutineers is Mr. Gray's 10th album with 11 new tracks.Back in the World As the Crow Flies Mutineer Beautiful Agony Last Summer Snow in Vegas Cake and Eat It Birds of the High Arctic The Incredible Girl Like You Gulls Nearly Midnight (bonus track) If I had to compare the musical style of this album, it somewhat remind's me of The Fray and Damien Rice. I enjoyed listening to it very much. It's one of those albums that is great for listening to while you are on the road. My favorite songs on the album are Snowing in Vegas and Back In The World. The album comes out June 30th, however if you would like to pre-order it you can do so through Amazon and iTunes.

Litter Genie Review

I received a free Litter Genie from Crowdtap to review. Let me tell you that I wish I had these in my home sooner. They really help control scoopable waste odor in the home. The assembly was a little tricky,but I got the hang of putting the liners in place in no time though.
Each bag is supposed to last 2 months for one cat. Since Buttercup has friends, that's not going to happen in this house so I need to get more. :)Buttercup having fun in the Litter Genie Box

No one better lay a paw on my Litter Genie!

Influenster's Spring Fling Vox Box Review

Here is a picture of the lovely Spring Fling Vox Box that I received from Enclosed items are:
A Labor Day Movie Car Air Freshener,Kiss French Mani glue on nails,Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara in 003 extreme black,Nivea Skin Firming Hydration lotion,and a box of Regular Sized Playtex Sport Tampons. A lot of people got the Softlips lip balm but this was not included on my kit. I messaged Influenster about it but so far no reply.
It's a really nice kit and overall I'm grateful for the things I received in it. Watch me do my Spring Vox Box Opening if ya like on Youtube.