Update on Sears order

As I stated in my previous post,I used 2 cards to complete my transaction so that I had enough to cover the balance. I also used a dollar credit from my Shop Rewards. I go Sears.com website today to see when my order is shipping out. Here Sears cancelled my order. No explanation why. No email to let me know there was a problem,which there shouldn't have been. I call Sears toll free number. Since it's Thanksgiving no one is available. So I go on the VISA card's website to see what's going on. I look at the account summary and it stated Sears  put the order through, then claimed I had insufficient funds. I look back on the Sears website and check the order. None of the things are on sale now. I look at my VISA card balance and I now only have a balance of 12.01. Sears put a hold on my 30 dollar Visa gift card.I called Card Services and a customer service rep explained that Sears should refund my money by the 24th of November. If they don't then I have to file a dispute.  I am beyond upset the way Sears handled my order. If they don't resolve this situation I will never shop at their store again. I've been a shopper at Sears for many years. This is just insulting.  Please note that I do not blame Smiley360 in any way for Sears mistake. I am just unhappy that things I ordered for Christmas probably won't arrive now.

EDIT: I found out through a Sears rep. on Black Friday that my order was cancelled because something wasn't in stock. He didn't clarify which item. My money was refunded to my VISA card however I lost the 15.00 Sears.com credit because Sears doesn't save gift card balances to their site. Foolish me threw out the gift card after making a purchase. The Sears Rep. stated I would get a replacement in the mail but I never got it. Needless to say,I won't make a purchase on their website ever again. I've never had such a hassle from ordering online. 


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