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Mail Call

Today's freebie I ordered from the Kraft Corner Store. Granted I did pay for the shipping and handling.

Jello Jiggler's Mold! My kids love Jello so this will make some sweet treats this Easter. I've also read online that some stores are giving them away for free when you buy Jello products. Alas I didn't see any displays like that in my area. So this was the next best thing. Also check on the store periodically for freebies. In October I got the brain mold for free on their site. I just paid the S&H.
Today I got a nice surprise from P&G Sampler in the mail today.

I love getting freebies they are a good way to try before you buy

As you can see they send some really neat stuff. If you would like to find out how you can get your own goodies,visit P&G Every Day Solutions Sampler.