Taking a break

My husband of 17 years past away on February 12th 2018 as a result from a car accident. I'm staying strong for my girls but right now my mind is elsewhere. I am holding it together the best I can,but it's really hard. Not just for me,but my kids too.

I feel like my world is in limbo.

So for this reason,I am taking a break from reviewing both on here and my Youtube channel.

I thank all those that have subscribed to me through social media and appreciate all your support.

-Brenda of Faeriekitty's Finds.

BRAUFACTUM Removable Padded Sports Bra Review

Being a plus sized woman,sports bras are sometimes hard to find. I was so happy when I saw this bra online.

BRAUFACTUM Sports Bras are made with 90% polyester/10% spandex materials. They come in sizes M-XXL and four colors to choose from. You can order this bra in black,pink,purple or white. 

This is the first time that I've ever worn a racer back style sports bra. The straps are really comfortable. The don't dig into my shoulders at all. The removable cups are nice, and I feel it offers me good support. 

Here is what the straps look like in the back. As you can see, it's just a simple pull over bra. No hooks to fasten in the back. Since the bra is super stretchy,I had no issues with putting it on like I do with some sports bras. 
You can wear it while doing yoga,dancing,weight training,pilates or running. I like to wear it on errands and while walking my dogs for exercise.

This bra currently retails for 11.99 and you can find it on Amazon. Prime customers get free shippin…

Veronica's Treats Valentine's Cake Pops

I received a sample package of 3 Valentine's Cake Pops compliments of Veronica's Treats.

The box arrived first class USPS and everything was packaged really nicely.

They put a lot of tissue paper inside so they were well protected. 

Vanilla with red stripes.

Pink with candy hearts

Red with candy with sprinkles 
Veronica's Treats Valentine's Cake Pops come in a variety of flavors:
 Vanilla Double Chocolate Lemon Mint Chocolate Chip and Red Velvet.
 You can also order them in two styles:  Cake Ball On The Bottom(free standing)  Cake Ball On Top (traditional) 
I received the Cake Ball On The Bottom variety with Double Chocolate Flavor. I shared my samples with my husband and two girls. We all agreed that they were very moist and the chocolate flavor was really tasty. I would gladly purchase these in the future as they were a big hit with my family.

Storage Tips:

These Cake Pops will keep 4 weeks at room temperature,2 months in the fridge and 9-12 months frozen.


Epic Traveller Portable Mirror

I received a nice portable travel mirror from a UK company

The mirror size is a little larger than a standard Post It Note pad size and a little thicker than a credit card. So it makes it easy to put in a large wallet or organizer.

The travel mirror unfolds so that you can place it on your desktop or where ever you need a mirror.

I thought the mirror was well designed and had a nice weight to it. It feels like it's made of glass and not plastic like some cheaper mirrors. Plus,the mirror comes with a 1 year warranty. Just go to to sign up and you're good to go.

Feel free to check out their site for other travel needs as well. Shopping is made super easy as they except Paypal so you know your purchase is protected.

I received my order in about 2 weeks,however I did order right before the holiday season. So order times may vary.

Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: Product was provided in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensate…

ETEREAUTY Set of 12 Matte Lip Gloss Kit

ETEREAUTY set of 12 liquid matte lipsticks come in this attractive box

 My box came a little dinged up but that's okay. I received it on Christmas Eve which was a big surprise. I ordered it via Amazon Prime and it came in only 1 day.

 Each shade has a number. There are no names that correlate with the shade of the lipsticks. At least I couldn't read any on the packaging.

 Each box has an open window so you can see the color of the lipstick before you open it.

 All 12 swatches. Quite a lot of variety of colors. From bold to neutral shades. I let the colors sit for a few minutes and as you could see,the formula smears and does not stay put.

After photo from trying to remove it from my arm. It's really hard to remove. They aren't kidding about long lasting.

This is what it looked like after applying it to my lips. I had to blot it with a tissue as it would not dry to a matte finish like other matte lipsticks I've tried. I think this was #12.

My thoughts:

 While the co…

Zone365 Cranberry Concentrate Softgels

As a woman that is prone to getting UTI's,I'm always interested in trying out Cranberry supplements. So when I heard about Zone 365 Cranberry Concentrate Softgels,I decided to give them a try. I placed my order via via Prime. I thought with the coming holidays the package would be delayed. I was pleasantly surprised to receive this bottle of supplements so quickly. They actually arrived on Christmas Eve.

Each pill contains 12,600 mgs of pure Cranberry Extract. They also contain Vitamins C & E for health and immune support.

Directions on the bottle are to take 2 softgels preferably with a meal once a day. The bottle provides 60 softgel capsules.However the ordering instructions state to take 1 pill twice a day with meals. So,I would go with the online instructions if you are a first time user of these types of supplements.

The cap is easy to open but not child proof,so if you have young children in the home,you might want to take note of this. They also contain …

BeLive Sugar Free Prebiotic Dietary Fiber Gummies

BeLive Prebiotic Fiber Gummies are a Sugar Free Prebiotic that are designed to promote healthy bowel function in children and adults.

Now if you are reading this,you may be asking yourself,what is the difference between a probiotic that I hear so much about and a prebiotic?  I know I did. So I did some research and found that Prebiotics work as fuel for Probiotics to make them work harder and longer to promote better digestive health. They provide probiotics with complex carbs and fiber to get things going. No pun intended.

Here is a vlog I did showing the ingredients and talking about BeLive Prebiotic Sugar Free Fiber Gummies on my Youtube Channel.

I have been using these supplements in the morning without probiotics,as I eat yogurt in the morning.  They work just fine and help get things going. They didn't cause any stomach upset and were easy for me to chew. I just use one a day as instructed on the bottle. 

If you would like to purchase these prebiotic supplements from BeLive